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M.P.M.M.S.N. Trusts College, Shoranur: Overview

M.P.M.M.S.N. Trusts College, situated in the vibrant town of Shoranur, was established to meet the growing demand for higher education facilities. Shoranur, with its significant railway junction and proximity to Kerala Kalamandalam, occupies an important position on India’s cultural map. The town’s numerous Higher Secondary Schools further justified the need for a college.


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Project Highlights

A dynamic WordPress CMS website from Softloom spearheads M.P.M.M.S.N. Trusts College’s digital transformation. Featuring enhanced image displays, interactive scrollers, and event countdowns, the website is user-friendly across devices. The website is responsive across devices. We provide a secure online environment with robust security features, including malware scanners and two-factor authentication. For students, faculty, and visitors alike, M.P.M.M.S.N. Trusts College’s digital evolution demonstrates its commitment to accessible, organized, and secure information dissemination.

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