Idanattu Sree Indalayappaswami Temple

Kurichi Idanattu Sree Indalayappa Swamy Temple is a blessed sanctuary where the main prathishta is Sree Parameshwaran [Lord Shiva] in his “Kiraatha – Moorthy” form which is expression of Parabrahma Swaroopa present in all the living beings and matter, as the destroyer of enemies and evil forces. He shower boons and blessings upon devptees. The chaithanya of Sabarimal Sree Dharma Shasthavu also is infused in the moola bimbam. There is no other prathishta similar to this in India.

The name “Indalayappan” means “The god who removes sorrows and ego” from workshipping devotees. “Indal” means sorrows and arrogance. “Ila” means to remove or destroy. “Appan” is word of respect to the deity, referring to lord Shiva.

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