Highlayer Wood

Crafting Beautiful Spaces With High-Quality Plywood

Highlayer Wood’s Success Story

As a leading WordPress development company in Kochi, Softloom takes pride in presenting the Highlayer wood’s success story – a dynamic and versatile plywood manufacturing company in India. Our dedicated team at SoftLoom collaborated seamlessly with Highlayer Woods to bring their vision to life, creating a robust online presence that reflects their professionalism and commitment to quality.

Client Overview: Highlayer Plywood

Highlayer Plywood, managed by a dedicated and professional team, has established itself as one of India’s foremost manufacturers of high-quality plywood and panel boards. Their products are widely used in crafting furniture, doors, cupboards, and various other items. The trust placed in them by their esteemed customers is a testament to the quality they deliver.


Our Services Leading to Success

Project Details: SoftLoom’s expert team developed a fully dynamic website in WordPress CMS for Highlayer Woods. Ensuring responsiveness, the website automatically adjusts itself to users’ screen sizes, offering an optimal viewing experience on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

Dynamic Menu and News Post: Our team implemented customizable menus using JavaScript, allowing users easy access to additional subpages or categories. Highlayer Woods can manage their unlimited categories and subcategories, control publishing status, and schedule article appearances effortlessly.

Image-Rich Dynamic Pages: To enhance image display, we implemented dynamic pages with header images, detailed text, and thumbnails. Highlayer Woods can control the order of photos in each category, creating a visually appealing online showcase.

Interactive Scroller and Event Countdown: Our services include an easy scroller setting, allowing Highlayer Woods to arrange messages, disable messages temporarily, and display multiple messages simultaneously. The Events Calendar Countdown Addon adds a beautiful countdown feature to their events, providing an engaging experience for website visitors.

Robust Security Measures: Ensuring the safety of Highlayer Wood’s online presence, SoftLoom implemented a comprehensive security strategy. This includes a malware scanner, a web application firewall, two-factor authentication, and login page CAPTCHA to protect against potential threats.

The SoftLoom Touch: Delivering Perfectly and On Time

SoftLoom’s expert team collaborated closely with Highlayer Woods to understand their unique requirements. The result? A website that perfectly aligns with Highlayer Wood’s vision, delivered within the specified timeframe. Our services not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, ensuring a seamless and successful online presence.

Highlayer Wood’s success story is a testament to SoftLoom’s commitment to excellence. We are proud to have played a crucial role in translating Highlayer Wood’s needs and ideas into tangible realities, establishing them as a reputable presence in the plywood manufacturing industry.

Highlayer Wood’s Success Story – Crafted by SoftLoom, Perfected by Expertise.