Call N Connect

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Call n Connect is a Bangalore-based company with good strength in the advertising and publishing industry. Call n Connect was launched in Kerala to increase the marketing strategies of all business firms in South India.

Callnconnect is Kerala’s no.1 local search information provider. The company caters to over Three crore unique users spread across 14 cities in Kerala. This business search service is available on Phone, Web and SMS. Callnconnect has a strong representation all over Kerala and has a business and service listing of more than 1,75,000.

Call n Connect acts as a mediator to fill the gap between buyers and sellers by helping buyers find the right providers of products and services while helping sellers improve the efficiency of their marketing channels.

Directory website development company

Services that we performed

  • A well-designed Website and Sales Funnel that incorporates a Quick Contact Form
  • A user friendly, easy to navigate website where the information was easy to find
  • A site that would prompt the user to call or fill out contact information

  • Call Tracking, so phone calls could be accurately tracked as well an Internet leads
  • Ability to track conversions

Softloom it solutions | Directory website development company

A web directory is a great way to showcase a product or service to a broad audience. Therefore, keeping up with current trends is essential as we anticipate the website’s future growth. For the client, Softloom designed and developed a profile-based directory website. As a directory website development company, we have extensive experience creating directories. Our team develops and maintains websites using a variety of frameworks and CMS.

Softloom It solutions¬†is a leading Directory website development company that provides the most efficient services in India. The design process begins with analyzing the company’s goals and reviewing competitors and the industry. Then, we prepare the website for SEO promotion to minimize further corrections as we develop it. Our website promotion services are also available – you can work with us for a long time.


Softloom IT Solutions offers outstanding service as a Directory website development company In Kerala. To provide Call N Connect with the best online performance, we developed a dynamic website and maintained and administered it.