The Anicadu Service Co Operative Bank Ltd

The Anicadu Service Co Operative bank Ltd- 1550 is one of the earliest bank in co Operative sector in Muvattupuzha taluk. The bank started functioning in april 13th 1927, as the perengazha Christian Parspara sahaya sahakarana Sangam in a church building, now 84 years have passed since the bank started functioning. Even through the society started functioning at Peringazha, majority of its working area was located at Anicadu, so that its head quarters has been shifted to Anicadu in 1931.
In the same time the name of the bank has been changed to ‘Anicadu Service co operative society’. In 1970 the society started its functioning in it’s own building at Anicadu Chirappady Junction in 1972. This society has been upgraded to the status of ‘Bank’ and become The Anicadu Service Co- Operative Bank Ltd No: 1550.

  • Our Task

    A well-designed Website and Sales Funnel that incorporates a Quick Contact Form
    A user friendly, easy to navigate website where the information was easy to find
    A site that would prompt the user to call or fill out contact information
    Call Tracking, so phone calls could be accurately tracked as well an Internet leads
    Ability to track conversions

  • Client

    Anicadu Service Co Operative Bank Ltd