Landing page is an important page published with websites to capture the lead from online resources. Landing pages should be designed in a most impressive manner. Utilizing suitable landing page development services can improve user experience in a website. Since Google ranks website pages in their search results according to the user interaction & responds, website pages published should be more interactive. The Landing page development process should give more focus on quick loading features with no loading error problems. Because landing page has very important part on conversion. The landing pages used in online marketing or internet marketing should be able to capture more leads. Especially landing pages used for Google Adwords and other pay per click campaigns. In every pay per click campaigns (PPC) the advertisement is run by huge money investments. So in order to gain lot of conversion and better ROI (Return on Investment) using a highly optimized quick loading landing page is an essential feature.


Since SoftLoom concentrate on all development services connected with online campaigns, internet marketing support services, we also provide landing page development services. Our development team can produce high yielding landing pages for any kind of internet marketing campaigns. We have dedicated development team to create suitable landing page templates and designs suitable for your business. There are certain design criteria for development of a landing page for different types of business categories. For example a landing created for bankruptcy attorney services should be different from a Printed t shirt selling website.


Landing page development process involves production of a page which is quickly loading, impressive and using all features such as compression option, Browser cache leverage, optimized images, easily loading CSS, Java scripts and reduced number of file requests. A landing page developed for business websites, elusively for products or service offers, should give more emphasis on interactive ways so the page can get more conversion and possible to get capture lead.

SoftLoom provides landing page development services with all features covering browser compatibility, device compatibility, interactive landing page design features, easily interactive responding ways.