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The decade behind us was marked by great technological progress in various fields. The Best Headphones Gadgets are getting smarter, they have various additional functions built-in, so we use them less and less for conversations and more and more for other things.

As phones progress, other gadgets must keep up with that progress. Since 2010, technology has entered every pore of our lives. Technology should make our lives better and easier, and we bring you a list of gadgets that we believe have fulfilled the purpose.

Google Chromecast

This is a device that definitely popularized streaming. Chromecast makes it easy to play content from your phone or laptop to your TV. Since it first saw the light of day in 2013, Google Chromecast has undergone a number of improvements.

It now supports all major apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, Deezer, Google Play… and its affordable price is another big advantage.

DJI Phantom

As one of the most famous drones in the world and among the most popular on YouTube, Phantom allows you to live up to a cool shooting experience from a height of several hundred meters.

You will be amazed at how phenomenal the bird’s eye view is. DJI works to make all their drones easy to use, so it is great for both beginners and avid photographers.

Wireless Chargers

Since we have phones that we spend a lot of time on, big companies have started thinking that it would be great if we had some wireless chargers for them. Well, around 2017, Samsung, followed by Apple, started producing phones with wireless charging support.

Now we can simply lean the phone against the charger and it will start charging immediately. They are practical for use both at home and in offices, and even in cars.

Play Station 4 Pro

Play Station 4 Pro came out in late 2013. As Sony stopped making games for older devices, slowly everyone had to switch to the PS4. Apart from playing games, it is also great for streaming. You can use it for Netflix or YouTube as well as other content in 4K resolution.

For now, it is one of the best entertainment devices that exist.

Headphones With Noise Canceling Technology

For business people and those who travel frequently by plane, headphones with Noise Canceling technology are an extremely important invention. They are very comfortable and pleasant to wear every day. However, their most important feature is the ability to silence the noise, so when you have important work to do and the noise distracts you, simply put them on and enjoy the peace and quiet.

For instance, if you are a web developer, you really need to focus on building a website for a client. Here, we put an example of one of the options of creating web pages on the Internet, which is by a professional programmer (the other option is via specialized platforms which results in making less appealing but still functional websites). In both cases, noise is your worst ‘enemy’, right?

How important headphones with Noise Canceling technology have become is shown by the fact that many prestigious awards are given in the category of headphones with noise reduction. In 2021, these five stand out: Sony WH-1000XM4, Sony WH-1000XM3, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, and Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Earbuds.

Philips Hue Lighting

The decade behind us was definitely marked by the introduction of various smart devices. The introduction of smart lighting has brought entertainment into something as ordinary and every day as turning lights on and off. Philips Hue Lighting comes in 16 million shades and allows you to choose the color, intensity, and shade of lighting. In the smartphone application, you can set the so-called scenario for one room or the whole apartment. With a simple voice command or click of a button, you can turn off or turn on all the bulbs or change their color.

If you thought you could only use Philips Hue Lighting for space decoration or entertainment, you were wrong. This amazing lighting is designed to contribute to your safety in several ways. For instance, it simulates your presence by imitating your habits, that is, your usual behavior when you are at home. It is up to you to set the time and layout of the room. Philips Hue Lighting turns on when you approach the house while the smart night light is activated by motion detectors.

Apple Watch

Many have tried but never managed to copy the performance and sleek design of the Apple Watch.

A smartwatch, which is equipped with many interesting functions, also reminds you that you take care of your health, even when you are very busy.

True Wireless Headphones

Headphones have been advancing from year to year for decades. They have undergone numerous changes in both design and purpose. Today we have headphones for practically all purposes that come to mind.

With different purposes comes the need for smaller headphones. In the last year or two, we can say that they have been reduced to the maximum, and the wires have been completely removed from the truly wireless model. Models of this type have been designed for various purposes – for travel, daily listening to music, and for training.

Bose Frames

One quite unusual combination of sunglasses and miniature speakers resulted in the Bose Frames, the most popular audio glasses. They connect to the phone via Bluetooth. They reflect 99 % of UVA and UVB radiation, are resistant to scratches, and both handles have built-in mini speakers that provide quality sound. The right handle has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and a multifunction button for managing calls and playlists. They are compatible with Siri and Google Assistants, allowing you easy voice control. Bose Frames are compatible with the Bose AR platform as well. They will not change what you see or allow you to take photos and change objects. Instead, these phenomenal glasses have a built-in motion sensor that works with GPS on iOS or Android devices to find out your location and direction of travel and provide you with all the information you need.

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