Business Social Networking

Geocities was the first social networking site that came into existence by 1994. It allowed the users to customize and create their own web pages and sites. The idea and concept behind social networking was as simple as communicating with people who know each other and possess similar interests. The business impact of social networking started when ads and information about product and services were integrated to the websites. Now there are hundreds of social networking sites that try to dominate the internet savvy world. The top 10 social networking sites are discussed and explained here which have become integral parts of the business. A good business can bloom faster if made popular and given exact ideas of it in any of the social Medias. Marketing strategies have changed and grown along with tech-crazy world. Social Medias can give you high search engine optimization than compared with other search engines.

It is not always easy to market your product or business all of a sudden through social Medias like Facebook or twitter. It demands planning and creativity. The taste and mood of people using it is also important. Social media has turned out to be a marketing strategy and an income earning methodology. Remember, the effect of perfect social media marketing is higher than you imagine.

Top Ranked Social Networking sites are following

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, Reddit, MySpace, wordpress, Blogger, Wikipedia are ranked in the top priority list of internet marketing. Business social networking has become an important phase in online business promotion activities. Especially it tempted the online marketing communities to enable and adopt a time centric change in the online marketing arena. In achieving a great level of online visibility, Social Media websites became an adobe characteristic resource gaining attention of wide area crowd in a short specific period. Since Google has added social signals as a significant and relevant point in arranging websites in their search engines, the effect of business social networking become a inevitable credibility. The level of valuating the strength of signals which passes by the level of interactions made by social media networking websites causes curative changes in total aspects of digital marketing. The possibility strength by the influence of social media websites, the level of outreach and chances of viral wide spreads enhances the usage of social media websites of business social networking.


  • Facebook

    Considered to be the most used and connected social media by people all over the world, no matter language, region, age differs, and Facebook stands tall among all other social networking sites. The factor that makes Facebook everybody’s favorite cup of tea, is its user friendliness and creativity. The profile matching and friend suggestion technique helps one to stay connected to several forgotten friends and relatives. Instant status updates, photo sharing and tagging, like etc add more charm to Facebook. It allows a user to find someone easily, and have communication by means of chat and video. The major advantage of Facebook is that people can log into other websites of services through their Facebook account. Advertisement options are rich in Facebook compared to other networks. The owner of the business can create a page and share the business ideas or product information to it. He can also promote by means of payment. Facebook entertains ads but still maintains the privacy and space of the user. It doesn’t make the user irritated with its ads. It has several billion users regardless of age and sex, effectively increasing the traffic and popularity for business.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is not as vast as Facebook when compared with features like video, text chatting, page customization or profile matching and friend suggestion. Twitter is an instant blogger which is widely used by business kings and celebrities. It is a follow system where you can follow tweets (messages) from people and companies you like or want to. This is a perfect place for business promotions as this is not locally occupied by desis. You can increase the number of followers by increasing your popularity.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is primarily meant for professional who work at home to stay in touch with business people around the world. New business contacts can be earned with the help of existing on in LinkedIn. The people who use LinkedIn are professionals and business men thus enabling a large business network in front of you. There are several restrictions in LinkedIn to create and maintain a profile in it. You get high quality business connections or client profiles from LinkedIn.

  • Google Plus

    It is powered by Google and for this reason it is highly influential for any business people. It is considered as one of the most powerful social Medias and therefore any talented business marketing executive can simply boost the company’s business which is for sure will be ranked in the top list of Google search. Thought sharing, comments, votes etc are added plus points in Google Plus.

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest a social media that uses pin and re pin features to market new thoughts and ideas. New thoughts can be found which makes it and effective tool in business idea distribution helping you with lot of business marketing strategies. The whole thing is categorized based on several topics.

  • Reddit

    It is a social media that shares news and entertainment. It is becoming one of the busiest sites that shares viral news and text to several thousands of people. The registered user can add news as well as comment and share on topics they find. It is also considered by a lot of people as a market for ideas and thoughts.

  • MySpace

    MySpace though owned by Justin Timberlake, an actor and singer, is a creative place for people to learn and understands about culture, people, music etc. This came as music emphasized web site and fully focuses on entertainment and music.

  • WordPress

    The idea of Blogging is used in wordpress. Like any other social networks it allows its users to create and customize the blogs with themes, templates and other tools. The registered users can customize their URL. It is a perfect place for business promotions as one can post blogs and add pages. This is something that is easily accessible. It is free and management of content and blogs is easier. Due to its user friendliness, the seo can be very easy and there are options like referrals and referral visits.

  • Blogger

    It is a blogging platform powered by Google and anyone owning a Google account can create Blogs. The search engine optimization will be easier and your blogs will be ranked on top due to its Google presence. This is a perfect place for business marketing and promotion.

  • Wikipedia

    It is one of the most famous and authentic websites used by millions of people for information. Business promotion ideas and options are higher compared to another websites. When original and authentic information about your business and products are given in Wikipedia, with no doubt people are going to come after you