SEO Website Analysis

SEO website analysis is an important portion of prior analysis of a website before starting its SEO process. A deep analysis is conducted to know the search engine visibility of a website, analysis of its URL structure, existing potential factors of the website, domain age, website crawl ability, Google visibility checking, detailed analysis of content arrangements, content plagiarism checking, keyword analysis, website page analysis, SEO friendliness, device compatibility, browser compatibility, HTML validation errors etc. Competitor analysis, keyword analysis etc are other form of analysis close to SEO website analysis.

SEO Website Analysis Tool

Though there are plenty of online SEO analysis tools, more than 90% of SEO website analysis can be conducted using Google website effectively. For conducting deep analysis, other online tools can be utilized. There are lot free SEO website analysis tools provided by websites like Moz, Woorank, Rank pay, SEM Rush etc. Most of the websites provides free website analysis, reporting its on page and off page defects, error in W3C validations, HTML coding errors etc

Analysis of Website Design

Before starting SEO on page optimization a website need to be analyzed on it way of design and page construction. Need to confirm that the design is SEO friendly. If website pages are not in a position enables easy crawl and a cache by Google bots, need to rectify the defects. In general web designers and developers do not have any detailed idea about SEO friendliness of a website. But SEO professional need to alter or modify the website pages in an SEO friendly manner. The design used must be navigation friendly. The coding must be valid. HTML codes and tags, CSS scripts must be error free.

SEO Website Analysis in a Responsible Way

A responsible SEO must be potentially able to improve certain qualities of a website such as search engine visibility, avoiding all risk and damages to a website and improve its quality reputations. A responsible SEO or a team should be able to analyze a website using good quality analysis tools and sort out the inefficiencies which lead to unqualified for listing in search engine results. Primary SEO analysis can be conducted in a responsible way by following steps

  • Analyze the URL Structure of a website
  • Technical analysis connected with site loading
  • Server side analysis
  • Technical analysis connected with redirection
  • About usage of non seo friendly scripts & tags
  • Analysis of crawl errors
  • Detailed analysis & checking of Bad links ( broken links)
  • Content analysis (duplication checking & relevancy checking)

SEO Website Analysis Training

SoftLoom IT Solutions provide effective training on SEO website analysis as part of our SEO training course. And there other steps in SEO website analysis training are included with our SEO training syllabus.