SEO Question AnswersSEO Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some SEO interview questions and answers prepared and published which is useful for experienced seo professionals as well as SEO newbies 2016. Even if you are undergoing SEO training, these questions & answers can help you to improve your SEO knowledge and skills. Hope these SEO questions and answers can help you for improve your knowledge in Search Engine Optimization. We have prepared these question and answer page to help our junior seo team with in SoftLoom IT Solutions. The page is also useful for fresh SEO learners. Junior SEOs who wish to upgrade their SEO knowledge and insight about search engine optimization can lot of ideas.

1) What is the main advantage of using Meta Description tag in SEO

a) It helps to rank high in search engines

b) Meta Description tags helps search engines list a website

c) Meta Description tags are not important in SEO

d) It helps the searcher to get a brief idea about the page before he click

Ans: d) It helps the searcher to get a brief idea about the page before he click.

Note: Meta Description tag serves as a copy that will tempt searchers to click on your listing

2) If you have URL like what is the best direction to add in robots.txt to restrict search engine bots from crawling the page.

a) Allow:

b) Disallow: /admin

c) Allow: /admin

d) Disallow

Answer: b) Disallow: /admin

3) Which is most advisable SEO friendly URL (URL structure) to start a blog in a website


b) create and attache to website


Answer: c)

4) Which is the nick name of Google Panda Algorithm Updation

a) Farmer

b) Pigeon

c) Caffeine

d) Vince

Ans: a) Farmer

5) Which hyperlink placed in a webpage passes highest link value in SEO

a) A link placed in Menu

b) A hyperlink added in a main body content portion

c) A link placed with footer

d) A hyperlink placed with right side menu button

Answer : b) A hyperlink added in a main body content portion

Note: Keep in mind that a hyper linked keyword which comes with in the content portion passes highest recommendation value than a link placed as the main menu, side menus or a footer link. IT is also an important fact to know that a link achieved from a content rich page which is published in own topic content will give high recommendation vale the pointing page.

6) What is mean by Inbound Link in SEO

a) A pointing link to a page with in the website

b) A pointing hyperlink added from a keyword

c) A hyperlink pointing to our website from another website or web page

d) A link pointing to another website

Ans: c) A hyperlink pointing to our website or website page from another website ( preferably anchored from an appropriate or relevant keyword). Normally most of SEO freshers commit mistake with the question what is mean by inbound link. Do understand the difference of inbound link and internal link. (very important SEO question on links)

7) What is mean by Google Page Rank

a) A Ranking position achieved by a website in search result

b) A position denoting in SERP

c) A grade mark awarded by Google based on the quality of back links achieved by a website page

d) A ranking provided by Google as per the number of visits achieved by a website

Ans: C) A grade level allotted to website pages by Google as per the number of quality back links achieved by a website page.

Note: There are many SERP checker tools available. I prefer SERP checking tools like Rank Checker & Whats my SERP. As these are free SERP checker tools. Continuous usage of these tools are not recommended for all of you.

 8) What is mean by on page SEO optimization

a) A number of modifications made within website and website pages

b) Practice of analyzing website

c) Practice of building back links

d) Researching on website’s quality levels & improving

Ans: a) Modifications made with in website like changes and alterations made in head & body sessions of website page and over all modifications made with in the website can be called as on page SEO optimization.

9) The company which provides Traffic Ranking & analysis tools names “Alexa”

a) Google

b) Yahoo

c) Amazon

d) Ask

Ans: c) Amazon

Reference: Alexa is website traffic analysis tool provided by Alexa traffic ranking is estimated on the data signals send by alexa tool bars installed in browsers.

10) Google Algorithm Penguin is connected which kind of spamming activity

a) Low quality content publishing

b) Low quality link building

c) Connected with low google page rank

d) Connected with local visibility

Ans: b) Low quality link building

Reference : Penguin algorithm update is an update conducted by Google against low quality link building for effecting manipulation of search engine listing.

11) Which one below is the best seo practice while conducting title optimization

a) Use less than 512 px width for your title with 50 to 70 characters

b) Use important keywords near to the beginning

c) The titles used in each pages should be unique

d) All the Above are best seo practices in title optimization

Ans: d) All the above are best seo practices in title optimization

12) If robots meta tag is not included in a website page the effect is

a) The website page will not indexed by search engine bots

b) The website page will not be followed by search engine bots

c) The website page will be indexed and followed by search engine bots

d) The website page will be not followed and indexed in search results

Ans: c) The website page will be indexed and followed by search engine bots

Reference : For every web pages the default value for robots meta tag will be “index, follow” so website pages will be crawled, cached and indexed by the website.

13) Which HTPP status code shows ok or success message about a website page
a) 200
b) 500
c) 404
d) 503

Ans: a) 200

Reference: HTPP status code 200 says ok or success message about a website page

14) Which Google algorithm update was created to manipulative link building techniques to rank in Google search engine ranking

a) Panda
b) Penguin
c) Pigeon
d) Humming bird

Ans: b) Penguin

Google’s Penguin Algorithm update was aimed to avoid manipulative search engine listing generated by low quality and spam link building techniques.

15) Which on below is the best practice when your produce a meta description for a website page as part of search engine optimization

a) Complete the meta description with in 155 characters
b) Use unique descriptions in your meta description tags
c) Produce the best description to achieve better click through rate (CTR)
d) All the above are best practices

Ans: d)

16) Which HTTP status code given below represents a permanent redirect status for a webpage
a) 200
b) 301
c) 404
d) 500

Ans: b) HTTP Status code 301 says a permanent redirect  for a website page

17) Name of Google’s algorithm update rolled out on 21st April connected with mobile optimized websites

a) Pigeon

b) EMD Update

c) Mobilegeddon

d) Humming Bird

Ans: c) Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon is the latest search engine algorithm update made by Google which provides better search engine ranking for website which are optimized for mobile devices. As a initial step, the Mobilegeddon Google algorithm update will reduce ranking for websites with less readability text with out tapping or by zooming. Google’ web master central has officially confirmed the rolling out of Mobilegeddon algorithm update on 21st April 2015.

18) Main role or responsibility of Canonical tag in SEO optimization

a) Canonical tag provide clear indication to URL actually preferred

b) Canonical tag helps to avoid bad impact of content duplication problems

c) Canonical tag passes the same value as in 301 redirection (permanent 301 redirection)

d) All the Above roles

Ans: d) All the above

19) In SEO, URL provided with canonical tag gives equal effect of which redirection to search engines

a) 301 permanent redirection
b) 302 temporary redirection
c) 307 Redirect
d) Meta Refresh Redirection
Ans: a) 301 permanent redirection rule

20) How many Disavow files (disavow documents) are allowed for a website at a time

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Ans: a) only 1 file document (disavow file) can be used at time. The document need to be created as TXT file following its document creation directions.

21) What is mean by disavow tool

a) Tool for panda recovery

b) Tool for Penguin recovery

c) Tool for recovery from EMD Update

d) Tool for Link submission

Ans: b) Tool for Penguin recovery. Disavow tool is used to recover from link penalties caused by low quality link building.

22) What is mean by SEO Bookmarking ?

a) On page optimization technique

b) off page optimization techniqe

c) Link Building techniqe

d) off page link building technique

Ans : d) Off page link building technique.

Note: SEO bookmarking is an off page link building technique where high quality book marking websites are used to book mark the page or article, blog posts with most powerful and relevant book marking websites. Before conducting SEO bookmarking the domain authority, page authority, Google page rank values and organic traffic rates of websites should be keenly checked. Important guidelines related SEO book marking is use fresh and unique content description for book marking also.  Don’t try to use the original content description used in the original pages or posts.

23) Explain search engine submission ?.

Answer: A website must be submitted to the search engine to inform it of the changes that took place in the site, be it a new content or a new webpage. Submitting the website to the search engine also prompts them to index the website faster. (Right now, the activity of search engine submission has no relevance at all.)

24) What is Google Answer Box ?

Answer : Google’s answer box is a one of a kind internet searcher result page that outcomes that is fueled by the information chart or scratched from a website that gives a sufficient answer. Google answer box otherwise called a highlighted scrap, it is for the most part shown at the highest point of Google’s outcomes page over the natural outcomes, however underneath advertisements