Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd

Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd. Is the Authorized distributor for WindStream Technologies Inc. products in Kerala. Our commitment is for procuring high quality products at a great value to the Customers. We priorities in Sourcing, stocking, delivery of the product to site along with Installation, Commissioning and to obtain the necessary approval from KSEB for both Online & Offline system of the Solar Mill products.

We pride ourselves in getting involved in early discussions with the Customer to evaluate the best practices for completing the job in the most efficient, safest and most profitable manner possible. We create custom design for each project to maximize the efficiency and create the best possible value for our customers. We offer products with long term stability.

  • Our Task

    A well-designed Website and Sales Funnel that incorporates a Quick Contact Form
    A user friendly, easy to navigate website where the information was easy to find
    A site that would prompt the user to call or fill out contact information
    Call Tracking, so phone calls could be accurately tracked as well an Internet leads
    Ability to track conversions