Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid search is often complicated for many and for the same reason it is misunderstood.  For those who find it difficult to tackle with paid search, our management services have always turned to be working. Out team understands the winning strategies needed for your processes and campaigns.

The Paid Search Players

  • Google Adwords

    80% of the paid ad market is conquered by Google searches, maintaining the record of largest inventory in display advertisements now.  To reap high, start your advertising with Google Adwords.

  • Yahoo! Search

    Yahoo has a big hand on paid search market and stands very next to Google. When you find tired of complex with Google Adwords, must try in Yahoo! SEM. This will surely improve the search results and it is particularly effective and popular for certain areas.

  • Bing

    One of the fastest growing search engine, Bing is in the third position. Bing is effective in means of best cost per click compared to other search engines. To learn how and why Bing, visit our Bing paid search.

  • Facebook

    The most popular and easily accessible means of for advertising, offers a wide exposure to the visitors. It is not too costly or complex. Facebook helps with interactive banners. It carefully chooses its customers and help in cost per lead which is higher than the usual cost per visit. We have the Facebook monthly management page where advertising with Facebook is detailed.

Benefits and Advantages of Paid Search Advertising

Soft Loom promotes paid search services for those clearly defined goals with a miraculous combination of Google Analytics and Yahoo! Analytics which is an interface for paid search. The vision must be to setup a means to define the goals.

The pros of pay per click advertise are

  • Minimal time consuming
  • Geographical targeting of tasks
  • Schedule ad display
  • Different copies are tested with different measures
  • Using content networks to share the ad to many sites
  • Ads to mobile devices
  • Product/service oriented landing
  • Defining pay per clicks per day and deciding on the budget

Our Approach

We work with several platforms to deliver results for each pay per click ads. We promote highly effective campaigns. The following are the order of campaigns

  • Google Adwords

    Searches traffic comparatively 4 to 5 times faster.
    Permission to access Google content network which is wider.
    Publishing on mobile oriented ads
    Customization and easy to use interface.

  • Microsoft Bing

    SoftLoom considers Bing as the best cost per lead option.
    Audiences are more understanding and matured.
    Microsoft assisted growth.
    Slow incline on search volume.

  • Facebook Ads

    Creative banners make Facebook more promising.
    Categorization related to age, gender, and interests and so on.
    It perfectly suits the PPC marketing strategies.with Facebook is detailed.

  • Yahoo! Search

    One of the largest paid inventories for search.
    Joined hands with Microsoft to make a place of its own.
    Recommended by other search providers for paid campaign.