CodeIgniter Web Development

CodeIgniter is a popular website development framework that offers a lot of flexibility and an MVC paradigm. Being an open source framework, it is very easy to deploy and configure. CodeIgniter is universally agreed to be the best performers out of all the PHP frameworks out there.

Why should you be using CodeIgniter for your Website

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  1. Easy to structure URLs: With CodeIgniter, it is easy to create dynamic URLs and routing is simple and intuitive
  2. Easy to develop web applications: Since CodeIgniter follows an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework, editing existing, configuration and customization of files becomes easy as it minimizes confusion.
  3. Simple and easy to manage database
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Since, it has an interface that’s not complicated but easy to master, interacting with your files becomes effortless. Editing and add new information can be done without any hassles.
  5. Enhanced Security: CodeIgniter has got inbuilt security tools that allow cookie encryption, automatic escape of SQL queries and handling of session data in a database.
  6. Mobile Friendly: CodeIgniter websites can easily be made mobile-responsive, which is the highest demands now among our clients, as Google strongly prefers ranking mobile-responsive sites against those that are not.
  7. Easy server to server migration
  8. We can customize your websites and APIs easily as per the client specifications.

Now that you know the benefits CodeIgniter can give you, the next step is finding developers who can properly configure it for you. SoftLoom houses the best, carefully hand-picked PHP experts who are well-experienced in the domain of website development and in creating custom web applications.

What makes SoftLoom the Best CodeIgniter Website Development Services Provider

We make it easy for clients to incorporate new design and changes to the different elements of their website and e-commerce applications. We have been capable of providing intuitive and dynamic websites.

Using this amazing framework, we have been capable of providing intuitive and dynamic websites. All the web solutions offered by us are fully organized and optimized for speed. During the CodeIgniter development process, the team at SoftLoom incorporate a wide range of solid features of the PHP framework to deliver sound result oriented applications.

SoftLoom gives you affordable and cost-effective CodeIgniter development services with full assistance for up to 6 months. Tell us about your CodeIgniter requirements and we will come back to you with an innovative idea in a jiffy.

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