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Why SEO needs a Psychological Approach to it

Crawling, Fetching, GoogleBots, Sitemaps, Alt Tags, etc, etc! SEO seems to be a game of making search engines find you, getting them to display your website on top so you get more business. SEO is perceived as an online marketing tool that is way too technical because it addresses issues relating to the website’s structure. […]

7 Incredible Marketing lessons to learn from Pokemon Go

I don’t know how I should begin, but let me tell you, Pokemon has been one of my favorite and most watched cartoons in my childhood. I still recall not studying for my examinations and watching Pokemon even the day before the exams. It was essentially a story of two children Ash and Misty. Ash […]

Top 7 Awesome Qualities of a Successful Digital Marketer

In today’s world of fierce competition among every business, you can survive only if digital marketing is part of your marketing campaigns. The biggest problem most of us faces is not knowing where to start when trying to enter the digital or internet realm of marketing. For helping you out, here are the awesome qualities […]

How to Perform Website Analysis for SEO- SEO Audit Guide

If you start working as an SEO Analyst at a company or if you receive inquiries to create and implement an SEO campaign on a company’s website when you work as a freelancer, the first step you need to take is doing a website analysis also known as SEO Audit for the company’s website and […]


The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist

The tedious content marketing drudgery, we have all been there. Everybody must have experienced some weakness with content marketing at some point or the other. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to: =>Get enough content to write on =>Engage the audience with your content, especially if you are marketing content in […]