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How to Create Custom Dashboard in Google analytics

Create Custom Dashboard in Google Analytics Create custom dashboard in Google analytics, looking for an easier way to view your Google Analytics data in one place? Custom created Google Analytics dashboard is the answer. Google Analytics pulls in a lot of data but if you could visualize it in the way you want it, you […]


6 Social Media Engagement Tactics to Spice Up Your Marketing Campaign

Social media engagement is an art that’s constantly transforming as time goes on. But just like everything, there are certain fundamental techniques when used consistently, show promising results on a continuous basis. This blog is just a mere reminder of the engagement tactics that work at present. You should be leverage these tactics for increased […]


10 Incredible Content Creation Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Content Marketing Strategy

Could you characterize what precisely is “High-Quality Content”? All things considered, it can’t be clarified plainly as there are such a large number of methods for composing content and every visitor likes to read different types of content- some like descriptive and some like to read only the highlight points. Creating quality content that is […]

9 Marvelous Ways to Get Everyone to Read Your Content

You slaved, carefully crafted each phrase. Your precious words and sentences. You just know that they will attract the audience you are targeting. You finally hit the “publish” button. And then, what happens? No one reads them. No likes, no comments, no shares and tweets! You keenly watch the number of page views in your […]

Fresh Penguin Update 4.0: Now Real – Time and Page Specific

After the third update on October 7, 2014, Google today rolled out a new Penguin update, which will be the last update for this algorithm. Google uses about 200 signals to bring you the aptest search results in front of you. This is the 4th Penguin Update, making it known as Penguin 4.0. Google has […]

13 Experiences That Only SEO Analysts can Relate To

Being an SEO Analyst is awesome. If you love challenges, this is the place to be in. The job of an SEO Analyst is like a roller coaster because one never knows when Google’s Algorithm changes. Google is said to change its search algorithm 500-600 times every year! So you never know when your site […]

21 Cheap Ways to Advertise Your Small Business Fast

What’s the best way to promote a small business? How do you get the word out about your business on a shoestring budget? Whether you are a small business or a startup looking for low-cost, effective solutions to publicize about your products and services, here are some quite inexpensive strategies that you can use to […]

Google Update: Penalty for Sites with Intrusive Mobile Interstitials

As announced by Google on its official blog, they are rolling out a new penalty update from January 10, 2017. This new algorithm update will punish those mobile sites that irritatingly pop up interstitials in front of the user trying to browse the site. Google had previously rolled out an update on September 2015 targeting […]


10 Quick Editing Tips to Create Awesome Content

Whether you are a bestselling novelist or a small online blogger, you have got to edit your work. Your first draft is always a garbage of your thoughts disorganized and points that are uncertainly stated. Ever since writing dawned, it started with chaos and was restructured to end in order. Editing is such an important […]