What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial intelligence(AI) is a method in computer science. By this computers can identify human behaviour and character. It is like an extraordinary intelligence of human being. This is the influence of AI in Digital marketing. Simply, the computer thinks and perform in the way of a human. Artificial Intelligence performs highly technical tasks such as robotics, voice recognition. Not only that but also image recognition, natural language processing and problem-solving. Now AI is implemented in a very simple to a complex process. This reduces the human effort in many areas like data analytics, data mining, etc. Artificial intelligence takes greater effort in maintaining its precision and accuracy.

AI in Digital marketing

AI and Digital Marketing

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, one can enjoy the freedom of agility. Also, best cost efficiencies and better consumer understanding insights. The involvement of artificial intelligence in human life exist for several years. But we bothered about this only now. It slowly interferes in our lives and changes the way we look. We like, work, live, buy, learn things and entertain by ourselves, etc.

The impact is huge, not only for us but for the whole online business peoples. Yes, the main focus of AI is towards the business people. Of course, AI does good for people. It makes their life super easy than ever before. Yet, AI benefits mainly for online business people. For simply, it starts the new era of online business.

Growth of Digital Marketing

For being many years digital marketing is in the seen. But no one of us knows about this. Don’t even hear about this kind of marketing techniques. But now this is not the matter. Everyone is in need of marketing their product, brand, business or themselves. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence brings digital marketing towards the front of the curtain.

In the older days, the advertising and marketing industry is among the few who introduce Artificial Intelligence by step by step. But now, analysing the profile of your potential customer who visits your website, app, or social media profile. And tracks their interest and delivers quick and real-time communication with them is not possible without AI. Many AI applications are introduced in the digital marketing market in the near future.

Real-time consumer insight

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, you can gain access to rich and accurate consumer data. Highlight is that within short and quick time. This data can be used to target the right audience. This is very helpful for you to make your efforts fruitful.

Improve user Experience

As AI is useful for you guys like digital marketers, also useful for the customers. Customers get what they wish without any risk. No need to search along with websites and pages from pages for what you are looking for. Everything in your doorstep or in the fingertip. AI track and list all your favourites in front of you.


Therefore Artificial Intelligence can benefit your Digital Marketing Strategy. AI isn’t here to replace the jobs of marketers or advertisers. It’s here to up their true strategic game and creative potential. For this advertisers and marketers must adapt to the current AI trend.

Hope you have got a brief idea about the influence of AI in the field of Digital Marketing. You can post the comments for more queries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Keerthana.

How to target your product in multiple cities without hurting your SEO

How to target your product in multiple cities without hurting your SEO? Your nearby cities are an integral part of your Local SEO. Let us explore in detail all about local SEO strategy.

You may have faced several times the situation that targeting the audience of multiple cities. You have to rank your keywords in cities name like ‘flower shop in Kochi’ or best seafood in Kochi, etc. Now you think, keywords that target multiple cities will help in your SEO? The answer to this question is local SEO. Let us look in detail does local SEO hurt you or benefit you.


Why local SEO is important?

Mainly, there are two reasons for local SEO.


1 Local SEO attracts foot traffic.

Think about a situation where you go out for some enjoyment with friends and staying somewhere in the city for a night. And take your Google search and search for the best food in the city. After finding a location what you do? Do you just order your food and wait inside your room or get out with your friends to conquer that food destination? The studies say that more than 50% of people search in Google for location-based service is for a direct site visit. Nearly 46% of Google visit is location-based.


2 Local SEO rank you Higher on Google


Local SEO does 2 things for you

  • Traffic to your site and
  • Increase your keyword ranking

How to target your product in multiple cities without hurting your SEO?

Local pages are Good or Bad for SEO

During the older times of SEO, local city pages are mainly used for stuffing the keywords.  That means you create a page and write content about your keyword. For example, flower delivery in Kochi, Flower delivery in Thrissur, etc. And change this city names by copy-pasting the content on each page appropriately. This results in multiple pages with the same content. And finally, your page is penalized with Panda Update. In this way, local city pages may affect your SEO badly. But it is not if you have done it properly.


Make each city pages as a unique one

If you want to list all the cities in your pages, then just include them in a single page instead of creating separate pages. You did not need individual pages to rank based on cities in most cases. Although, even you can create individual pages but make sure that the content on each page must be unique.

Some tips to optimize for Local Search

  1. Google My Business

Google is ultimately stand to bring information to its users. So, adding your business to Google my business will help Google to verify you and add to SER Pages. Google My Business is free and easy to use. With a proper description and title, optimize your profile. Customs reviews and replays can help you much more in the ranking. Your company name, phone number, and working hours are mandatory details you should provide with.


  • Build your Internal Linking Structure

The internal linking structure will boost your SEO. They can do great things on your website.

  • Improve your page navigation

  • Help Google to find your best and important pages

  • Also, improve your website architecture

All this help you to improve your ranking on Google and increase the chance of discovery by people who are doing a local search.

  • Build your NAP citation

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone. These are your general business information. So, firstly you have to give your NAP in your website itself. Place it at the bottom of your home page, that are usually easy for people to find. And also submit your NAP in online aggregations for publicity like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Microsoft Bing, etc.


  • Optimize your site for Mobile devices

Nowadays, people always seek their mobile phone for each and every person needs. So, most of the searches came from mobile devices. So, you certainly optimize your pages for mobile devices.


What do you understand from all these? Local SEO is important for you, but at the same time, it hurts you if not done properly.