Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO?

How Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO

Here Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO and its ability to rank highly on the search engines page.

The benefit of localizing your website’s content to suit the geographical location you are trying to penetrate is vital if you want to improve your SEO ranking.

For your website to be successful in any country, the content of this website has to be unique, of top quality, up to date, relevant accessible to read/understand, and well structured. Hence Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO.

So that when trying to infiltrate a new market, it is crucial to be aware of the changes you must adopt if you want your translated content to perform as well as your original content.

What is SEO?

This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. An SEO is an action/activity that focuses on enhancing the traffic to your website from the search engines page without any paid advertisement.

What is Website translation & its Impact on SEO

This is more than just translating your website’s content from one language to another; it is accommodating your website to rank high on a search engine. This involves knowing what people that speak a particular language search for and providing for it.

Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO

If your SEO translation is done correctly, your website will perform very well in this new region and will improve your website’s SEO rank.


Timing affects how well your translated content ranks in search results. As a result, your original/primary website content is not performing well, there is little to no chance for the translated content to perform any better.

Creating a successful website requires a lot of resources, some key features that ensure that your site has a lot of traffic include:-

  • Quality/Compelling content
  • Optimized Keywords
  • Unique user experience
  • Excellent user interface
  • Indexability/Crawlability
  • Schema markup.

When you are assured you have a high ranking and excellent website in your original language, you can then start the project of translating the content of the site into another language.

Keyword Research

If you want your translated content to perform well, you will have to pay special attention to your keyword research. Using relevant keywords that have a high search volume and low competition is vital.

For example, in the U.S., “pants” are used when searching for a piece of clothing while “trousers” are used by the British when searching for the same piece of clothing.


Factors like phrasing, units of measurements, and currencies vary with language; therefore, it is advised that you employ the services of credible translation agencies like The Word Point and sites like SEMrush, which helps you carry out Google Keyword Research.

The Website’s Structure

The structure of your website plays a significant role in making sure the site has an online presence overseas. It has to be structured in such a way as to optimize your international website SEO.

There are four ways in which your website can be structured. These different structures have pros and cons. Deciding on the best structure is dependent on the geographical location you are trying to target. You should use a URL structure that makes your site easy to geotarget.

The structures include:
● ccTLDs -country code top-level domains
● gTLDs- generic Top-Level Domains with subdomains
● gTLDs-generic Top-Level Domains with subfolders
● URL Parameters

ccTLDs(country code top-level domains)

This is the most used domain option for websites when expanding. This site structure is used when targeting a specific country, for example, using “.de” for your website in German. Germans are more likely to click and go through a “.de” site than a “.com” site. When using this site structure, the location of the server is also irrelevant.

One of the disadvantages of choosing this structure is that it requires more infrastructure and is expensive to set up. You will have to build your website from the ground up. As a result, there is no sharing of link authority from the parent domain.

gTLDs (generic Top-level domains with subdomains)

This site structure offers many advantages. It is not very cost-intensive and is easy to set up; it also allows for servers to be located in different countries. You can link build because it will enable some level of sharing of the authority with the main domain, which will help boost your SEO ranking.

The downside to using this site structure is that users might not identify/recognize geotargeting from the URL alone. An example of this is “” for French speakers.

gTLDs-generic top-level domains with subfolders

The shared link authority is the main benefit of using this site structure, which helps the ranking of your new website. It is also easy to set up and requires low maintenance.

The downside to using this for your site structure is that users may not recognize geotargeting from the URL alone, thereby hindering the trust users will have for your site affecting your Click-Through Rate. Consequently location signal is also weaker when compared to ccTLD and sub-domain structure. For example, this is ‘ ‘ for a German audience.

URL parameters

This option is not recommended by Google. It offers very limited benefits when compared to the other three and a lot of disadvantages, such as the inability for users to recognize geotargeting from the URL alone, building low trust.

Link Building

This is one of the fastest ways to make your new website rank highly on a search engine page. Depending on the website structure you decide to use, you can easily link your primary websites to this new website, if not, you can try and get credible websites, journalist and blogs in countries/markets where you are trying to infiltrate to link your website is vital if you want to improve your website’s SEO.

Therefore, creating a great quality infographic with the help of a good graphic designer is one of the ways you can approach high ranking websites in order for them to link your website.

So you can also offer to write unique content for this top ranking site and link your website, which will help boost your website’s SEO ranking in this new region.

Search Engine

If you are translating content for regions like Russia or China, optimizing your new website to rank high on google will be a waste of time. You have to do your research for each geographical location and optimize your website to rank high on the most widely used search engine. For example, Yandex for Russia is what Google is to the USA.


However, building trust with an international audience is key if you want your website’s SEO to perform well. Content translation is one of the best ways to reach a different type of audience and expand your reach. SEO offers immense benefits to marketers. Therefore, it proves that Website Content Translation can Affect your SEO

If you want to make your email marketing efforts successful and paying, you will need to follow the best Instagram techniques to gain more followers. Until and unless you have a large number of followers, you will not have the return on your investment as desired.

Instagram Techniques To Get Followers

One of the techniques that will help you a lot not only to gain more followers on Instagram but also to engage with them is the Instagram Live feature.

• Given the fact that you will need to explore and exploit different forms of content on Instagram. This feature will help you to know if you really have the desired fan base to do so.
• It also allows you to interact with your users at a more personal level.

The Instagram Live broadcast can have a few different formats. Some of these formats that will work well are:

• Product launches
• Q&As
Influential profilers takeovers and others.

Whatever is the case, at all cost you must make sure that you announce your broadcast well in advance. You can do this through different sources such as:

• On your Story
• On other social platforms and also
• In a post.
This will not only make people aware of your Live broadcast but will also give it the best possible chance to perform well.techniques to gain followers instagram


Finally, to enhance the chances and effectiveness of your broadcast, you must have a set goal of some sorts for your broadcast. They can be:

• Visiting your website
• Entering your contest
• Buying a product
• Signing up on your email list.

It is good to have a definite objective in mind and in front of you. As that will help you to know what your efforts are for. This will not only help you to focus on your broadcast. But will also help you in pushing the followers to convert.



Next, you should focus on the hashtags and comments aspect of Instagram. This is to make sure that you gain more followers to make them sign up for your emails.

However, when it comes to using hashtags for your insta posts, you must make sure that these are short, crisp, relevant to the product and most importantly local. Hashtags are basically one significant component of a post that plays a major role in ensuring the success of Instagram marketing.

• These may not be very good at reaching out to your target market. But using the right and relevant hashtags will surely help in boosting engagement on your posts.

• These will also make your posts more likely to show up higher on the Insta feeds of your followers as well as on the Explore feeds of any potential customer.

Apart from the local hashtags, there is another type of hashtag that also performs well for any business which is the brand or product-related hashtags. Just as you can find the local hashtags by checking out the posts of other local business or business publications, you can also check out for some of the best product-related hashtags from the competitors and influential profilers within your industry.




As for the comments, make sure that you choose it on the basis of the local and brand or product relevant photos. Commenting on these posts from other accounts, you will be able to drive a significant amount of traffic to your Instagram page.

You can find these posts by using a few curated hashtags and leave a few comments on it here and there.
• This will help you to connect with the potential local customers as well as the customers within your industry.
• This will also allow you to drive a significant amount of brand awareness.

However, while commenting, make sure that you leave meaningful comments on the posts selected. Rather than simple, generic and less than useful comments such as “Great photo!”. This will help you to build a long-lasting and stronger relationship with other brands.

Respond to the comments received

Just like commenting is very useful to gain followers, responding to the comments made on your posts by other people is also equally important. Though most of the people think that it is an unnecessary waste of time, you will be surprised to know how effective this approach is when it comes to creating more Insta followers for directing them to your site or emails for signup.

This may not be feasible if your posts already get hundreds or thousands of comments. But for a small business, this is extremely useful. This will help them to:

Grow their following
• Gain more customers
• Establish a more personal relationship with both potential and existing customers.

Responding comments can be simple and made in a few words such as ‘Happy you liked it’ or any other. This personal touch to the comment will connect you in a much better and stronger way with your target audience.
This will ideally make all the difference when it comes to gaining more followers, driving them to your site to sign up for emails and eventually making a sale.

Repost user-generated content

When you run an Instagram hashtag contest or when you create and use a branded hashtag for your products. It automatically gives you access to a large number of amazing contents. Those are the photos and videos that your fans have posted.

• These user-generated contents are uniquely engaging because all these are from real customers and are genuine.
• The fact that these UGCs are not as polished as your own contents make these all the more exciting.

Therefore, make sure that you keep a stock of these and repost when necessary. Of course, with the permission of the original creator. Just keep in mind that you post it occasionally or feature it on your Story.

This is actually a very good way to recognize your fans. Ask experts like Gramista and they too will suggest using them to gain followers and trust of the followers to make them sign up for emails.

Hope you follow these techniques to gain followers on Instagram and achieve success.

A well-written blog can be ignored completely if the best SEO tips for the blog have not been applied. Good search engine optimization methods are important if you want a good rate of traffic to read the post. For instance, if the post you have written does not have important keywords, it would not be ranked on the first page of results. This is a big setback in terms of the traffic rate.

People do not have a positive mindset of searching through the results that are not present on the first page. It is a fact that the top links are displayed on the first page. Hence, if you are going beyond the first page, you are considering the web links with lower standards. Thus, for a post to get attention from maximum people, it should be ranked highly.

How long should a blog post be for SEO in 2019?

The length of a blog post affects SEO results. In the year 2019, on a generic scale, a good blog post should have a length of 1000 to 1200 words. Again, this is a generic estimate and the topic on which the post is being written makes a difference. You may be writing a post on a topic that can be stretched for 800 words only. Hence, there is no reason to stretch the post unnecessarily for 1000 to 1200 words.

At times, blog writers have to prepare posts on a descriptive topic which people want to know about. For example, when you are writing a post on “The global IT conference of 2019”, maximum possible facts have to be included. The title of the post shows that this blog has a time restriction and people would most likely go through it after the year 2019.

Blog post length is not more important than readability.

When a reader checks the title of a blog post, he is not interested in checking the word count. For him, the uniqueness and presentation of the content are more important. If the content is captivating, the reader would read the post with attention irrespective of the length it has.

Similarly, if a post is perfect in terms of length but redundant points have been used, readers would not go through the content completely. Therefore, the readability score is important than word count in the blog post. Prepostseo, SEMrush, and Softo provide online readability score checker tools for writers and bloggers,

Readers today are very smart and they can easily judge the quality of the written post by going through it. Some writers focus on submitting a post with appropriate word count. A good post has both the correct word count and the quality original information.

  • Is it feasible to submit a post that does not meet the quality requirements but has an appropriate word count? The answer to this question is no. If a reader does not go through the written post and reads the information with interest, having the correct word count actually does not make any difference.
  • Thus, it is good to focus on detailed research work for a good post and decide the word count accordingly. Most writers do not work with this approach. They pay attention to the word limit and compromise the quality level. This strategy does not work well.

Get the correct combination of word count and content research.

There are no shortcuts of writing a good blog post. You cannot prepare unique, interesting content if complete research has not been carried on the topic. The word count should be selected according to the topic needs.

Here are some points blog writers should consider.

  • Have all the important points written down

If you have all the points to be covered written down in one place, it becomes easy to develop the flow of the blog. In addition to that, it helps in estimating the word count without skipping or unnecessarily extending any points. Professional blog writers initially make a list of points that have to be included in the post. Each point is expanded after that. In this way, the actual word count is determined.

  • No keyword overstuffing to meet word count requirements

The use of appropriate keywords is absolutely necessary if the best SEO results have to be attained. This does not mean in any way that keywords should be used when the need does not exist. Stuffing actually spoils the content presentation. Secondly, it spoils the SEO rank as well.

Professional writers use them in a natural way. Studding keywords to adjust the word count is not smart thinking as well. It would weaken the rank of your post instead of improving the overall impression. Keywords should be used according to the content flow implemented in the post.

Referring to SEO tips helps you get a clear cut idea about how and why stuffing of key phrase affect your ranking.

Content redundancy is harmful

Writers who do not write down all the key points in advance usually run out of points. To complete the word count, they repeat the points. This is a negative practice in terms of both SEO rank and user readability. A blog post should comprise of unique content only to acquire a good SEO rank.

SEO tips for blog

Understanding the privileges of using a word counter

The use of a word counting tool is beneficial in several ways. To start with, the words do not have to be counted manually. This is a very tiring task for writers. Once they are done with producing quality content, counting the number of words manually is not simple. A word counter tool is preferred due to several reasons and some key ones are mentioned below.

  • These tools help in saving time. If you have to determine the word count of a blog post without using a counter, the only way is counting the word on your finger line wise. At the end of each line, add the word count already covered. There is simply no reason to put in so much effort. You can use a word counter tool and it would determine the exact count.
  • With manual counting, there are risks of incorrect estimations. On the other hand, using one of these tools provides you with the correct count.
  • You can use any online word count tool, however, our favorite free online word counter is Word Counter by Prepostseo, Softo Word Counter, and built-in Microsoft Word Document word count.


Artificial intelligence In marketing is a methodology to leverage client information and AI ideas like machine learning to anticipate your client’s next move and improve the customer journey. we already know that what is Artificial intelligence? It is the technology that directly  imitates human psychology and intelligence.

Artificial intelligence In marketing

Artificial intelligence takes management solutions to promote the next level. Marketers will currently compare refined arriving communication side-by-side against ancient metrics to assist answer tough strategy queries. AI promoting, there are not any longer questions about whether or not or not a possibility is prepared for a discussion, the information provides the solution. AI may be a creation of wise and good machines that employment and respond and react like humans. It’s used to boost the proficiency of day by day undertakings. Advancing innovation, choice of robots and drones, driver less tractors, crop health checking, and automatic water system framework are some of the applications that attributable to the high development of the worldwide AIA(Artificial intelligence Architect) showcase.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

As one can see, implementing Artificial Intelligence in marketing strategy has many advantages. So marketing becomes much more efficient and by shortening the waiting time to get the answer and give them what they really want, customer satisfaction is improved. The main advantages of applying Artificial Intelligence to a company’s promoting campaigns area are endless.  Among them, the following stand out:

  • The internet campaigns are is cheaper than alternative campaigns. And every business will elaborate because it desires a campaign with a scarce investment that may begin to visualize the ends up in the instant that the promotional material is launched.
  • Excellent analysis of the atmosphere. It’s attainable to seek out what area unit the explanations why customers have an interest in this item, service or data in question and gain an improved competitive advantage over the remainder.
  • Customer service, It should be created clear that the client is prime to a business and so should have the simplest for his or her satisfaction. Artificial intelligence applied to promote campaigns accelerates and solves everything that’s a drag for the client during a very effective manner. There are telephone solutions like center package that give the corporate expeditiously, effectiveness, and quality client service.
  • Better results, by analyzing the results once the campaign is progressing, you’ll be able to modification or see in what’s sensible or dangerous the advertising you wish to offer.
  • As we have a great form of data from various clients, studies are administrated to develop new merchandise or services that are a trend among users.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

There are many uses that Artificial Intelligence has found in marketing, handling tasks that previously took tons of effort and time. Now, marketers will dedicate themselves to managing activities that before failed to provide the time. Let’s see wherever we will use it.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Market Analysis

Artificial Intelligence will do a marketing analysis for North American country, particularly for customers. It will accumulate information, creating Big Data and in a rapid get all the knowledge we need to concerning customers. During this method, we will simply create a market segmentation, grasp the habits of customers, and even predict that desires and once they can have. This way, they’ll be offered the merchandise they would like really need and simply in time once they need them. They’ll even be able to predict sales, creating it easier to determine which product to take a position additional advertising in.


A chatbot could be a software system that simulates a conversation with the user as if he were a true person. It’s the long run of client service. So, once your client features a question a couple of product, he will use the chat to unravel it, obtaining an immediate response. Additionally, over time, they’re going to learn what the tastes and preferences of consumers are having the ability to supply them the foremost personalized and effective facilitate.

Generate content

If you think that Artificial Intelligence is going to be able to write a web blog, produce an info-graphic or build a video for you. For now, it’s ineffectual of making such advanced content, though the primary tries have already been created and that we are nearer to achieving it. They will currently generate reports or informative notes, or send an automatic mail. Sure within the future, we are going to be able to scan a complete newspaper created by a robot. This is a very interesting area for Artificial Intelligence. AI cannot write a political opinion column or a web blog post on industry specific best apply recommendation, however, there are sure areas wherever Artificial Intelligence generated content will be helpful and facilitate draw visitors to your website.

Ad targeting

Machine learning algorithms will run through immense amounts of historical information to ascertain that ads perform best on which individuals and at what stage within the shopping for method. Mistreatment this information they will serve them with the foremost effective content at the proper time. By mistreatment machine learning to perpetually optimize thousands of variables, you’ll come through simpler ad placement and content than ancient ways.

Smart Content Curation

Artificial Intelligence is powered content curation permits you to higher interact guests on your web site by showing them content relevant to them. This system is most typically found within the customers World Health Organization bought X conjointly bought Y’ section on several sites, however also can be applied to diary content and personalizing web site electronic communication additional wide. It is also an excellent technique for subscription businesses, wherever the additional somebody uses the service, additional information the machine learning algorithmic rule should use and also the higher the recommendations of content become. Think about Netflix’s suggestion system having the ability to systematically recommend you shows you would be interested it.

Changes in the way of searching for information

In order to search out the knowledge, we have a tendency to were inquisitive about, the simplest thanks to going looking at Google. It had been onerous to imagine that this technique can be replaced by another. But indeed, AI has achieved it due to the voice assistants like Siri or Cortana, that wholly modified the manner of looking out and SEO. Individuals no longer search for information with short keywords, however, use entire phrases

Voice search

Voice search is another AI technology, however, once it involves victimization it for promoting, it’s regarding utilizing the technology developed by the main players (Google, Amazon, Apple) instead of developing your own capability. Voice search can modification future SEO methods, and makes got to maintain. A whole that nails voice search will leverage massive gains in organic traffic with high purchase intent due to magnified voice search traffic thanks to AI driven virtual personal assistants.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial intelligence is placed within the marketing world’s future is growing up additional substantial. However, if we wish its presence to be positive, it’s essential to handle its caveats. Artificial intelligence development and execution are integral to making moral applications that may not strip people of their rights beneath the pretext of technological neutrality.

As for the recorder drawback, associate degree innovation referred to as Explainable Artificial intelligence (XAI) will illuminate the mystery of AI’s decision-making. Several developers are trying to connect rationalization capabilities to existing AI applications retroactively, however, the results are proving unacceptable as a result of the technology will solely summaries predictions when they’re created. The sole current interpretable machine learning technology that at the same time provides each prediction and explanations is Similarity, that permits users to reap its analytic capabilities whereas following its thought processes.

According to Sales-force, 51% of 3,500 international marketing leaders use Artificial intelligence, and a further 27%  plans to start out victimization it among succeeding few years. Business homeowners and marketers are realizing that AI is changing into progressively necessary if they require a competitive advantage. However, AI ne’er has the ultimate say that half still belongs to humans. It will predict patterns as accurately as potential, however, people are measure ultimately those UN agencies decide what to try and do with aforesaid data. we’d like to take care concerning AI’s shortcomings as a result of marketers are responsible for consequences if they act on an AI’s recommendations.

Sales force if you are using , then you’ve already joined the bandwagon of the digital marketing of your business. However,sales force even it can be taken for granted; one should exercise some caution while doing this. There are many advantages come packed, but it’s noted that there are a few common mistakes also users tend to make, which may drown the benefits you may have gained through it. Learning from mistakes is good, but not very advisable in the highly competitive marketing environment, where the mantra is ‘learn before you leap.’ So, here in this article, we will discuss some such mistakes and how you should not fall prey to choose.

Cloud Marketing mistakes

Mistake #1: Not fully testing

In the case of digital marketing, the theories which you have learned cannot be smoothly translated into successful action. You may have a clear route map as to how your digital marketing campaigns must run, but one cannot expect that you will cover everything perfectly until you build and test the campaign appropriately.

In many cases, digital marketing executives may have forgotten to define and include proper personalize, sometimes it may be a wrong image to represent the values or some dynamic content creation without giving it a proper thought. It may also be leaving out an important link, making a mistake on alt text and could be million other things too. A skilled professional will try to get everything done perfectly from the very beginning, but still, we cannot bypass the need for a thorough review of the completed works.

To ensure baseline perfection, you need to test the below areas at least:

• Appearance and layout of your messages on different devices.
• Spelling and grammar of the messages.
• All the links to ensure that they are pointed to the right location and also that those work well.
• Proper link placement in emails and other places.
• Correct usage of name & address for messages.
• Defining apt audience for the messages.

For this, you should develop a custom checklist of all the basic elements to be tested. Beginners can use this list as a reference and keep on adding/modifying it over time. Testing may be time-consuming initially, but it can surely save a lot of time and efforts of you compared to leaving it unattended and try to fix the errors later.

Mistake #2: Testing of many variables

You’ve seen above why testing is a crucial component for the success of marketing on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but you need to understand different types of testing. One cannot do too much testing to get caught without moving. On being too much stringent, you may be biting too much off than what you can actually chew.

The expert advice by is that you must remain patient while you plan and run the A/B testing or performance testing. Say, for example, if you try to measure too many variables at a time like testing the image and the subject line of the message with this content, you may be seeing some confusing results which could be misinterpreted. If you are trying to dive into the statistics deeply, then you may end up in investigating with multivariate testing Taguchi methods for your mails, but it would have been easier totest one at a time.

Mistake #3: Misassumption that flashy elements may bring in better results

Everyone is on the lookout for cutting edge technology, and so you can find many cool features on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which you want to try it instantly. Moreover, leveraging the innovative capabilities and trying out new things are really tempting. However, you need always to remember the fact that the objective of the marketing message must always decide the technological element to e used for it, not the other way around.

So, trying to bump in new technology into a marketing campaign where it’s not a natural fit will only end up in chaos. Such a move may ultimately cause slowing down of the deployment, increase errors, annoy subscribers, or make your campaign look silly to the viewers. Say, for example, it is not needed that you use dynamic content for all emails. If you can identify the interests and preferences of your subscribers

Mistake #4: Doing hyper targeting

You create marketing campaigns and put in a lot of time to rightly identify the exact target subscribers for your message. However, once after thoroughly filtering out the subscriber’s list to see who may find the message interesting, you end up with only a handful of people. It is said that hyper-targeted campaigns may perform well, but you need to think before you leap as at what cost these may work. On considering the R O I, you will find that it may have taken more to prepare the campaign compared to what you get in return. In fact, you can build your target audience over time, but focused campaigns can surely bring in more results.

Mistake #5: Neglecting the proven conventional channels

When you scour through the internet, you may find many experts saying that email is dead as a marketing communication channel. When it comes to text marketing or social media marketing, you may see various such comments. In fact, all these proclamations by the so-called experts may be biased or cannot be taken as one-fit-to-all size advice. Even when such proclamations grab the headlines of online blogs, but largely fail to offer any good advice to you.

We know email marketing, even though one of the erstwhile marketing communication channel, is still active and fully worthy of investing in. Like many other things in life, getting good rewards is all about expending more effort, and if you do it the right way, all these conventional marketing communication channels too bring in new results, sometimes even better than the new-age channels.

Along with avoiding such mistakes, you also should abstain from over-messaging, compromising on the quality of the content, and not staying updated. Sales force  offers many unique benefits to the users, and when clubbed with the right digital marketing practices, it can do wonders to your business performance.

Watch this video on Major Mistakes Sales force Cloud Marketing users Make