There are plenty of reasons why you need to pay off your debt as fast as you can. The first and foremost is the huge amount of interest that you will have been paying. Credit cards charge a very high rate of interest and if you keep on paying only the minimum amount due, it can take years before you can pay off the debt. If in the meantime, you are using your credit cards, the situation may well be truly out of control. For those who are trapped under a mountain of debt, just keeping track of the bills can be a stressful job. Another major benefit of getting on top of your debt is that you can repair your credit score and get the benefit of easier terms on future credit. If all of these things seem too much to manage, then considering a smartphone debt management app that can help you to become debt-free and allow you to sleep better at night. Here are some top apps to pay off debt:

apps for paying debt

Debt Payoff Planner
Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, Debt Payoff Planner is a free app with some pretty smart features that can help you to get rid of debt. The app helps you to create a step-by-step detailed plan on how you can repay your entire debt. This app also lets you find out the amount of interest that you could potentially save when using the different methods of debt repayment. Since the app permits you to track your debt repayments, you can find out how long it will take to eliminate your debt, and what the effect is of making additional payments, which is a very handy feature when you are battling with multiple debts.

Debt Tracker Pro
This is meant for folks who have Android powered smartphones and want a professional app that will let them manage their finances. For a paltry sum of $1.99, you get a very simple and user-friendly interface that gives you a complete and up-to-date picture of the status of all your debts. The easy-to-read screen provides the summary of all the accounts and balances at a single glance so that you know immediately what to focus on to resolve your debt concerns. You can use the specified debt repayment options or customize a repayment method of your own. After you have inputted all the details of your debt accounts and selected a payment method, the app will provide recommendations regarding the repayment amounts that are ideal for each of the accounts. Apart from information on the total amount of interest being paid by you, it makes repayment tracking easier with timely reminders on the due dates.

Debt Payoff Assistant
This is a free-of-charge app for Apple phone users that uses the popular and reliable “snowball” method of retiring debts. This repayment method advocates paying off the debts that are the smallest first and then tackling the larger ones. While the minimum payments are made on all the debts, the surpluses of the debts that have been successfully paid off are plowed into the repayment of the debts of higher amounts. The cumulative action has a snowball effect that makes it relatively easy to tackle high-amount debts, according to a debt consultant at, a leading online debt resolution, and management company. While the app does recommend the snowball method since people have already tested its efficacy, it allows users to choose any other debt repayment method or even a combination of the methods. The app has a detailed but easy-to-understand dashboard that displays all debts included in the repayment program, the debts that are still outstanding, the interest paid, and interest saved. The due date notification is standard as is a calculator that shows the date by which each of the debts will be fully repaid.

Tally is a free app that is both Android mobile app and iOS compatible that has seen a lot of success when used as a credit card manager by people who find it difficult to keep track of multiple credit cards, and different rates of interest that also keep on changing from time to time. Using Tally, you can link all your credit cards so that you are in a better position to decide your payoff strategy. Tally can determine how much you need to pay off every month if you specify a period in which you want to be free of all your debts. The payment plan is optimized for the least amount of interest expenditure keeping in mind the different APRs of the cards. In a marked difference from other debt repayment or money management apps, Tally offers users with good credit standing, its own low-APR credit line to avail for paying off expensive credit card debt. While only borrowers with good credit will be eligible for this offer, the good thing is that all users can apply without the inquiry hurting the credit score.


mint - debt paying app

No discussion of budgeting or debt repayment will be complete without a mention of Mint. After all, the utility has users numbering more than 15 million at the last count. Usable as both desktop software and a mobile app, the free budgeting tool makes money management as easy as it can get. Apart from budgeting, you can use the app to set debt repayment goals that can be as specific as you like and can include not only credit cards but also all other loan accounts like a student loan, personal loans, etc. You can link your bank account to the loans you want to pay off automatically on each due date and also request the app to give you detailed insights into how to repay your debt in the best manner.

Unnecessary debt is best avoided; however, if you have managed to clock up substantial debt that is making life difficult for you, the best way of tackling it is one of the smartphone apps. Many of them are free of charge so you can experiment a bit and find one that you feel comfortable using and then stick to using it in a disciplined way to get rid of your debt at the fastest.

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Instagram is full of visuals, from home design, ultra-glam makeup to poolside parties to female chefs to women clad in hot bikinis. Yes, women dominate this photo-sharing social media platform today. The pressure is on women. Women are having fun, traveling, eating out, and drinking. And they have their stunning photos and videos on Instagram. Studies show that 7.5 million more women are using the image-sharing site compared to men.

Why Women Use Instagram the Most

Why women use Instagram the most

According to an article published on, 31 percent of women using the internet are on Instagram, compared to 21 percent of men using the platform. Why? Here are the top reasons why Instagram is more popular to women than men:

Beauty and attraction

Today, beauty and glamour do not come from television and magazines anymore. You have Instagram photos or videos to attract more likes and comments. Whether it is your solo selfie or a group of female friends dining together at a restaurant, the beauty of it is shared with the world through Instagram. It is not necessary that only beauticians can share expert tips on Instagram. More women who care about the way they look are switching to the photo-sharing platform.

The next-door college girl may share makeup tips, product reviews, and shopping hacks on Instagram. Instagram and women have a symbiotic relationship today to show the world that they are new, modern, and bold.


Instagram is a visual platform and extremely stunning. When it comes to mainstream social media users, we have been seeing traditional beauty and aesthetics. However, eminent social media experts cite that the focus on how one looks, as well as aesthetics, especially something that is visually alluring,  attracts a large number of women to Instagram.

Women are attracted to beautiful things like flowers, gifts, and things that please their aesthetic sense. That is why they love Instagram than any other social media sites.

Women like stunning images

Studies show that women are attracted to beautiful images, at least compared to men. That is the reason why Instagram is full of women followers. For example, filters make a picture look better. Whether it is increasing the saturation or applying effects to make eyes look bluer or making your cheese garlic toast stick out against the background wall painted white.

Every woman likes to look at the most beautiful person in a room whether she is eating toast and coffee for breakfast or watering flowering plants on the windowsill. Instagram is that platform that gives women an opportunity to compete and look her best whether she is at home or work.

Women love shopping

Women are doing much more than just posting their selfies on Instagram. The products that celebs use and post on Instagram inspire other women to shop for those items. Based on the findings of a Facebook IQ study, 34 percent of beauty, grooming, and skincare products were sold during the holiday season on smartphones. Today, in-app shopping is a trend among women Instagram users.


If you are a woman reading this article, what are you waiting for, huh? Post on Instagram, shop, and have loads of fun. Men too can use Instagram shoppable posts to buy their favorite gadgets. It is also one of the best ways to gain like Instagram. Uploading effective stories on Instagram is a great way to make the audience engaged on our Instagram page. Our post on Instagram Stories can give you a brief idea about how to upload Instagram stories in a beautiful way.

Turning your SMB into a prosperous brand is essential for managing a small or mid-sized business. As, is it rocky road with an uncertain outcome. From meetings with clients and work organization for financial management, business owners usually have a lot on their plate.
However, if you’re preoccupied with too many things, the goal toward you’re trying to direct your business might start to blur.
That’s why it’s important to keep focused and elevate your business onto a higher level – turn it into a prosperous brand. Here are some tactics that can help in turning Your SMB into a Prosperous Brand

Turning Your SMB into a Prosperous Brand

1) Planning recruitment in advance

When you lack hiring experience, there are two most common mistakes:
• Hiring when you’re panicking.
• Not conducting a thorough background check.
While it’s not strange to make such mistakes at the beginning of your entrepreneurial career, you need to try to reduce them to a minimum.
Therefore, it’s recommended to take new projects only when you have enough staff to deal with the tasks in question. Although we’re all driven by profit, sometimes less is more. If it turns out that you don’t have enough manpower to meet the agreed deadline, you’ll earn yourself a bad reputation.
Likewise, hasty hiring can cost you more in the end, as well, especially if you don’t have enough time to conduct a thorough check of the applicants.
You can also some additional tips on proper hiring in the guide published on the FastCompany website.

2) Dealing with financial documentation

The tax authorities may differ from country to country, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t forgive mistakes
So, regardless of the place you live in, you don’t want to get in trouble with the tax authorities.
Therefore, make sure that you include each and every transaction and project in your tax return.
What’s more, it’s crucial that you don’t miss the deadline for turning in the return. For instance, in the USA, the filing deadline for the previous year is April 15 of the current year. Of course, there are other dates on which business owners in the US file their tax returns. You can learn more about it in an article on The Balance website.
Apart from that, you need to choose the right business type when you’re registering your venture.
The business structure you opt for will determine the level if your personal liability for the business assets in question. Also, it will affect your tax category.
Most small businesses are registered as limited liability companies (LLCs). However, if you’re planning to work as a one-man band, you might want to consider the sole proprietorship, as well. You can learn more about different business structures on

3) Creating a memorable visual identity

When you see the Swoosh that represents Nike, your brain starts creating a wide range of different associations. Since this symbol is related to moving, running, and physical activity in general, these associations are most probably positive.
Creating a memorable visual identity is something every small business owner should be aiming at.
Of course, it’s hard to compare a recently launched business with a multinational company with tradition.
What’s crucial here is that every business sends a clear visual message that can be easily associated with their products.
In the example of Nike, we have positive associations not only because of the impactful symbol, but because of their quality, as well.

As explained by the logo design, visual artists from Houston, your visual identity will reflect your business personality. If it translates well into the recognizable brand looks, you’ll be more likely to attract new customers and become a household name in your niche

4) Outsourcing for optimal productivity

No matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur or you run an LLC, you need to maximize your in-house efficiency. One of the best ways to do that is to outsource each and every task that doesn’t belong to your core activities. For instance, if you’ve launched an app-developing startup, there’s no need for you and your employees to deal with the tax return and other similar stuff.

What you should do instead is choosing the right tax Preparer or an accountant and have everything done on time. Similarly, such a business shouldn’t waste time on recruiting, especially if you’re a sole proprietor. There are specialized agencies that have both knowledge and experience necessary to find new employees for other businesses. However, it’s important that you collaborate with these HRs and give them enough input information to hire new employees on your behalf

When your business reaches a certain level, you’ll have enough assets to hire an in-house HR for recruitment.

5) Creating a marketing plan

Although small businesses usually have a limited budget, investing in marketing is one of the most important things for every new enterprise.
The opinions on this matter may vary from niche to niche. For instance, a productive retail store will invest from 3% to 5% of their sales in marketing.
However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to put aside the same percentage of your sales.
Online business ventures can use social media, YouTube, and other channels for free to generate leads and become well-known brands. Still, every ambitious business owner needs to know that they’ll have to invest some part of their earnings in marketing.
What’s important here is to work with marketing professionals. Even if you try to learn things all by yourself, you can never become as proficient in marketing as the masters of the trade.
While this might be a bit expensive for a new business owner, it’s a long-term investment that will eventually pay off.


To be a brand means to stay away from the crowd. It means that the quality you offer, the prices you sell at, and the overall brand appearance leave behind most other rivals in your field.
Although this might look like Mount Everest to new entrepreneurs, it’s good to remember that all renowned brands were once where you are now.
Therefore, follow our strategies and you’ll get closer to making your venture a real business brand by turning Your SMB into a Prosperous Brand

When it comes to website designing today, they are many tips are available for responsive website design for SEO. And the professional website designers keep two crucial things in mind. The first thing is the visual appeal. The website should look visually attractive; otherwise, it would not draw enough visitors.The second most important thing is to follow Google guideline when developing or designing the website. If guidelines are not followed, the website will not get any SEO benefits. So, it is absolutely important to understand the various aspects and benefits of website design for SEO. These two things have direct connections. They are dependent on each other.

Top Tips for Tuning Up Your Responsive Design Website for SEO Benefits

So, you need to plan your website designing in such a way that your search engine optimization campaign remains effortless and result oriented. A connection between website design and SEO is always there. A visually appealing website is important, but there is no meaning of having a website that does not draw enough traffic. So, along with visual appeal, website developers have to keep the SEO aspect in mind.

 Responsive Website Design For SEO


There is a connection between website design and SEO. Presently, the websites that adopt responsive design are regarded as compatible for search engine optimization. It is basically a website designing trend that has been adopted by many website owners in today’s time.

Responsive website design

Responsive website design has a lot of benefits in offering. Those benefits are listed in the following section of this article.

• A large number of website visitors come from handheld devices or mobile phones. Hence, a responsive website design will draw more visitors to the website.

• For the eCommerce stores, 7 out of 10 buyers are from Smartphone devices. Thus, the responsive website design will prove to be useful in this aspect well. It will make the website friendlier for Smartphone users, and that will increase the number of buyers on the website.

• The third aspect is the SEO friendliness. Google and other major search engines have started giving value to Smartphone users. Thus, search engines want the websites to become responsive so that better satisfactory result from web visitors can be achieved.

Changes to Responsive Web Design

So, in order to obtain SEO benefits, you have created a responsive website for your online business. However, despite having a responsive website, you are not getting a good amount of visitors. Your website’s SEO performance is not really satisfactory.


If these things are bothering you, there are a few things that you need to follow. Basically, your responsive website needs a little bit of tuning. That means the website needs to be refurbished properly. A few small but significant changes to the responsive website can bring immense business success. In the following section, the changes regarding responsive website design will be discussed.

1. Optimize the Images

Though you have a responsive website, your website may work slowly for the desktop or Smartphone users. There could be many reasons for the slow loading performance of a website. Primarily, it is found that high-resolution images make a website to work extremely slowly.

So, you need to get rid of the high-resolution images at first. You should use images that come with a resolution, which is friendly for the web. Too low resolution would not be a good thing, as that will harm overall image quality. If images are not crisp, they would not be visually appealing. So, you also need to keep this important aspect in mind.


Once images have been optimized, you need to go to the next stage. The next stage is to check the loading speed or performance of the website after changing the resolution of the images. If you find that loading speed is satisfactory, you do not need any further actions. The loading speed can be improved by hosting the website on a dedicated server. Using a dedicated server is always a good thing, as it will ensure safety for your website data. Nevertheless, your website will also become flawless in terms of loading speed. A shared server is generally slow, as the server is shared by multiple users.

2. Slimming down Your Website

Now, you need to trim down or slim down your website as much as it is possible. Slimming down the website has a lot of benefits to offer. Among those benefits, better SEO performance is the most notable thing. Performance of your search engine optimization campaign will get better with certain measures that you choose to adopt. These measures are discussed below.

Better Measures For Slim Down Your Website:

• Resize Your Images: Large images are not required. You need to resize the images on the website carefully. The images that are abruptly large in size should be resized. The images should give proper visibility.

• External File Consolidation: You need to take care of the external files. For example, you need to consolidate all CSS data into one file. The same thing is applicable when you use JavaScript on your website. All the data and coding should be consolidated in one file. It makes things more efficiently arranged. It also enhances SEO performance or value of the website.

• Check the Graphics: Graphics of your website has an impact on the user experience. The interface should be simplistic. For responsive website design, minimized graphic design is highly suitable and recommended. With two of them, you get a perfect pair. Graphics should be improved with a few crucial things. The most important thing is the use of proper styles. Make sure that every website page features the same style. It makes website seamless in loading. Also, it enhances the SEO performance of the website.

• Avoid Heavy Library Files: when you use JavaScript or Java for website development, you need to follow a few basic things. The most important thing is to avoid heavy library files. Make sure that you keep library files which are required and important.

Making these changes to your responsive website design for SEO will help you immensely. It will give your website more SEO friendly aspect. Overall performance of your search engine optimization campaign will become seamless or effortless. Google prefers websites that are responsive. It further loves the website, which is well-organized, easy to load, and minimum in graphics. You can get in touch with SoftLoom IT Solutions for obtaining the best possible web services.