Importance of google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Best Reasons To Use Google Analytics, If you’re looking for a free and manageable analytics service that allows you to analyze the details about your website as well as your visitor statistics, then why not give Google Analytics a shot? According to some Google Analytics agency experts, using this nifty tool can give you a complete overview of your site in one place.

Not only is it free to use, but Google Analytics is also one of the biggest and most popular types of digital analytics software out there right now. As a business owner, you’d be hard-pressed to find other software like this. Still not convinced? Below are some excellent reasons on why you should choose Google Analytics.

Reasons To Use Google Analytics

Business strategy

Business strategy

It’s Free

Perhaps the best thing about Google Analytics is that you can try it out for free, see how it works for you, and then continue to use it for as long as you want, and all for free too.

You don’t have to pay any monthly fees to keep using this service. As a business, resources may be tight, and that includes money. Since Google Analytics is 100% free, this means you can devote the money you might have used for an analytics platform into expanding your business.

It’s Easy

So, say you feel like you’re not the most technologically advanced person out there but you don’t have someone to do this stuff for you. This is understandable and definitely not something to worry about because Google Analytics is a tool that’s easy to use, even for beginners.
Here’s a rundown on how easy it is to start:
● Go to Google Analytics and log in using your account
● Go to the left sidebar button of your dashboard and select the admin button
● Create an account
● Create a property from the drop-down menu
● Indicate your website’s URL
● Choose your niche or industry
● Select your country and time zone
● Generate and copy the tracking ID
● Paste the tracking ID on your website
That’s practically less than ten steps to start using Google Analytics. You don’t even need to worry about sending large files or uploading anything to get it working.

It Shows Customer Engagement

One of the best features of Google Analytics is their ability to track your user engagement in an in-depth manner. Simply put, Google Analytics allows you to see just how users interact with your website and content, and that includes their behavior from one page to another.

More importantly, they show you the three most important metrics when it comes to user engagement, such as the following:
1. Bounce rate – It is a percentage of how many users went to your website and didn’t do any interaction. For example, if a person goes to your homepage and then clicks on the About Us page, that’s considered a 0% bounce rate. But, if that person goes to your homepage, reads the content and then closes the window, that’s considered a 100% bounce rate.
2. Page per session – The more pages that a user goes to in a single session means that your audience is engaging your content.
3. Average duration per session – You’ll notice that a person with 100% bounce rate will also have a 0:00 duration because this is only measured when a user interacts with another element in your website.
You can also view the information mentioned above on a per page basis which will give you a better overview of just what kind of content people prefer and what drives them away from your website.

It Provides An Optimized Device Overview

Your website needs to be mobile friendly because let’s face it—a majority of people spend most of their time on their handheld devices as opposed to actual desktops or laptops. This is also the reason why it’s optimal for you to enable a mobile version of your website.

Google Analytics has this feature that allows you to monitor just what kind of devices people are using to get to your website. Additionally, it tells you what screen resolution you’re site is performing poorly in so you can optimize for that.

It Monitors Website Traffic

It’s not a surprise that website owners would want to know about their website traffic but why not do it through Google Analytics?

Web Traffic

Web Traffic

See, the thing is, the higher the traffic, the better you can generate conversions. Through Google Analytics, you’ll be able to monitor the statistics and information available to you accurately. Here are two of the most important metrics when talking about website traffic:
● Unique visitors – This is based on your visitors’ IP Address. If you have 1,000 visitors daily and half of them are unique, it’s safe to say that you had 500 unique page views for the day. This metric is important when you’re aiming for a broader audience to see your content.

● Returning visitors – This is the opposite of the previous point, but it’s also an important metric because a high percentage of returning visitors means that you are creating loyal audiences.

Not only that, but Google Analytics allows you to combine the different data that you’ve recorded to produce better results and give you a deeper insight into each of your visitor types.
It Offers Real-time Updates

You can access real-time statistics which are useful when you have new content up on your website or when you’re pushing for more conversions. Perhaps you just changed one part of your, website and you’re looking at how your audience will react to it. Through real-time updates, you’ll be able to see just how much traffic your website has generated as well as the reaction to the changes.


Google Analytics has really proven to help advance businesses in terms of the data they collect. Aside from the fact that it’s free and easy to use, it also provides you with information that’ll help you optimize your website through the use of hard data. What are you waiting for? Check out Google Analytics for yourself.

Are you tired of creating content every other day and not getting the desired result? It is probably because you are not being able to get Inbound links or backlinks from good quality websites. Getting links from high-quality websites with high domain authority shows a significant difference in the ranking of a website. Here we mention a few effective link building techniques you can adopt in your blog to get more backlinks which in turn will increase your domain authority which in turn will improve your ranking.

Link Building Techniques

Tried and Tested Link Building Techniques


1. News Websites

Link Building Techniques Link Building Techniques

News websites are one of the best sources to get links from. If you get a mention of your brand in a local news website that will be equivalent to hundreds of links you build from less quality websites. News websites qualify as a good quality website because of their content richness. The specialty of these websites is that they publish hundreds of news articles a single day. Therefore they are bound to have high domain authority.

Here is an example of two news websites, BBC and Malayala Manorama. BBC is an international news website with 93 as their domain authority and Malayala Manorama is a local news website with a domain authority of 70. Here the whole point is that Malayala Manorama being a local news website was able to have an authority value of 70 which is considered a good benchmark to take links from. Therefore we can conclude without any doubts that getting a link from a news website is of great value.

2. Content Repurposing

Are you fed up of creating new content that constantly satisfies your audience? Then resort to content repurposing. It is nothing but finding new creative ways to publish the already published content. This could be making a video tutorial, SlideShare, Infographic, podcasts etc. You must embed a code into this. By doing this when people share the repurposed content you get a link from it. It is a great way to find new audience as well as get links from the same content.

3. Link Roundup

Link Building TechniquesGetting a link from a link roundup post is quite easy. Normally bloggers and magazine websites do link roundup’s every once in a while. It is a daily, weekly or monthly blog post. It is basically curated content about a specific topic and links pointing to external websites from that article.

You can find link roundups in your industry by googling Link roundup + “your focus keyword”. After you get link roundups in your niche, find an article that is a perfect fit and you can proceed to contact them. If you are a recipe blogger and have a great cupcake recipe with you. Then check link roundups with your focus keyword and you will get a list of websites that have link roundups in your niche. Find a website that is a perfect fit and pitch in your content.

4. Broken Link

Building links through broken links is oneof the best link building techniques. Firstly, you have to install a free plugin called “check my links”. After you download the extension go to a webpage that you want a link from and run this extension. It gives a report on valid and invalid links. Valid links will be underlined in green colour and invalid links in red colour.

If you find a broken link that can be replaced perfectly with a content that you have, then without further ado contact the webmasters of the website. First inform them about the broken link in their website and when they acknowledge you, forward your pitch. In this case, they will be more than happy to replace the link with yours simply because you added value to their website. It is a win-win situation.

5. Unique Branded Name

It is a great way to strike curiosity among readers. Unique branded name is giving a unique title to the article. The best part is several bloggers must have already written about it but when you give a unique name to the whole process it becomes a small invention of yours. The benefit of a unique title is two-fold. Apart from striking curiosity, people will start linking to it by the name itself. After a point, you get traffic from that unique name you authored. For eg, Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique earned 9000 unique backlinks just because he gave a unique name to the title.

6. .EDU Websites

When it comes to ranking domain authority based on sectors, Government websites have the highest authoritative value. But getting a link from a Gov website is not a cakewalk. But do not fret, the next that comes in line is ‘.Edu’ websites. These are websites owned by universities and colleges. They have high authority because of its content which is in the form of thesis and project reports by different people. You must be wondering how you will get a link from an Edu website. These edu websites maintain a resource page for their students and teachers. These pages are filled with knowledgeable highly researched content that is helpful to a lot of people.

You can google “’Your focus keyword'” to find Edu websites in your niche. If you can find an edu website that will be a good fit for your content then contact the administrators of the university portal. The likeliness of getting a link from these websites are trim. But even if you manage to get one link it can give a big boost to your website.

7. Guest Posting

There was a time when guest posting was considered a very reputable and respectable job. With Penguin Update google started punishing guest bloggers saying they are a source of link spamming. But even now guest blogging can be a great way to get links in a respectable way. Just make sure you guest blog in quality websites. For that, you can closely monitor popular guest bloggers in your niche. Copy their image URL from twitter and search it in Google images. You get a list of quality websites they have guest posted. You can contact these websites and offer to guest blog. For more details check out Guest Posting Power Tips For Getting Posted in Good Websites.


  • Here we mentioned 7 unique link building techniques. But when you take a link from a website make sure to run a basic website analysis. This will help you to avoid spammy links.
  • Never contact other websites and ask for links blandly. Instead, send out a personalized message.
  • Always make sure that you are giving value in return for a link.

Instagram, the photo-sharing app is one of the fastest growing social media networks that has launched their stories feature in August 2016. The stories feature allows users to post photos, videos or even text that appears for 24 hours after posting. Instagram stories are interesting and fun and you can make them creative and interactive as you want. It provides followers reasons to engage with you and come back for more. Stories create greater brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. Most powerful brands today use Instagram stories to promote themselves and to builds audience. Have a look at the tips to do better on Instagram.

Instagram stories ideas

  1. Hold on Story Highlights

To make your stories available to viewers even after 24 hour periods, use “Add to highlights” feature and the stories will be accessible on your account in the highlights section. Instagram highlights allow the brands to curate stories so that the audiences can watch them at their convenience and makes your content evergreen. Highlights on Instagram is a way to attract your audience. You can showcase interviews of experts, photos of customers, use cases of your products.

  1. Use polls, Quizzes or Share Trivia

Poll feature in Instagram stories helps you engage your audience better. It helps to know better about their likes, preferences. This option helps you to craft content that resonates with an audience. When you ask about their opinions, you get great data and they will feel more valued and get connected to the brand.

  1. Support influencers

One of the great ways to promote your brand and products is by influencer marketing. Leverage your Instagram stories in you influencer campaigns. This can help you gain audiences and increases conversions by allowing consumers to discover the products.

How to support stories for influencer marketing?

  1. Share product videos or images with influencers and ask them to use them in their stories.
  2. Ask influencers to create the story that features the brand.

Consider working with micro-influencers if you are on a lower budget. They will help you to generate better ROI from influencer campaigns because working with micro-influencers is cost-effective and the management rates are higher than prominent influencers. Also, you need to work with more of them to reach more people. Influencers need to tag your brand in their stories. Ask them to insert a link to the website or to use the branded hashtag in their stories.

instagram stories ideas

For the success of the campaigns, you need to find relevant influencers in your niche. Make sure that they are expert in their field and have a good number of followers, engagement rate. Check their posted content to make sure their style and messaging align with your brand.

  1. Strength user-generated content

To build your audience and get more engagement on the stories to build user-generated content. Encourage followers to feature your products in their stories and to tag your brans in them. Also, offer some sort of incentives so that people are motivated to share their experiences using the products. Offer freebies or even chance to get featured on the Instagram page. User-generated contents promote the products without being pushy and help to build the credibility and to win the trust of your audience. Great user-generated content helps you to get connected with customers and is a great way to spread the word about the brand.

  1. Focus on spreading Personal Stories: People remains curious and likes to know how the things work. To tap into that curiosity, share stories about the brand or products, customer experiences or even employees. Personalize experience of viewers with behind-the-scene Stories that help you to humanize the brand and connect with audiences at the deeper level. Brand shares to make the audience feel special and more connected with the brand.
  2. Use videos along with the stories: Use of stories is increasing at a greater pace. Instagram provides a way to share videos that are recorded as well as live videos in stories. Live videos are a way to stand out from the crowd to get more visibility. Videos can showcase the products beautifully during promoting the product launches. Videos in stories are effective at boosting brand awareness while launching the new product. Create videos that are compelling and unique.
  3. Include Hashtags to your stories: Hashtags are a way to help the content get discovered by a wider audience. For creating good Instagram stories there is a need to time as well as effort. Hashtags ensure that they get the views they deserve. Users add customized hashtags to stories and this helps to expand the reach of the post, connects with the larger community.
  4. Story promotion In Instagram: Instagram allows users to run stories ads and they will show up in between stories from people they follow. It can be a single image or a video of a maximum of 15 seconds. An ad enables a brand to hold users attention. Promote Instagram stories to get discovered by audiences and to boost brand awareness.

Thus Instagram is a great platform to flourish the business. If you are not using it properly then you are missing out on a lot. Stories help brands to reach among more people and to increase engagement on Instagram and helps you to convert potential customers into actual ones. Have you made Instagram stories a part of marketing strategy, if not make it your part and experience the difference.