If you find all digital media as powerful resources to reach your targeted customers, digital marketing can help you in reaching them easily. Yes it includes proven techniques to utilize various resources available in internet. Such as search engines, social media, video, images etc.

digital marketing for educational institutionsHow to work Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions, ? Digital marketing is the marketing technique that is used to promote products and services on various digital channels to reach wider audience across the globe. This is the key marketing technique that is embraced by every business apart from traditional marketing to boost the brand image. This is powerful yet cost-effective. This marketing makes sure that the message of the brand hits masses at the right time. In this digital era, every business needs to have digital presence to survive in the market and give a fierce competition to the competitors. Embracing this change is the biggest step that paves the path of success to many businesses.

So, how about applying digital marketing strategy to educational institutions? Undeniably, it transforms the way educational sector is operating.

What is the purpose of using digital marketing in the Education Sector?

With the evolving of new technology, Internet has become the search source for the people to find any piece of information. Usage of internet has a great influence on the education sector. The majority of people using the internet are the students. The internet has become the key source of many students to find the courses, colleges, fee structure in each university, schools, abroad education, study material, etc. By this, it is clear that the educational institutions should make their presence online to reach wider audience for all information at one place.

College Students

Education sector adds different set of audience every year. Not all educational institutions can promote about the traits of the college to entice the students to join them. So, the best way to promote is to use digital marketing. Parents often search for the primary school, secondary school and higher education colleges for their children in online despite of making an in person visit to the nearby colleges. Parents want to have every piece of information about the College including the facilities, fee structure, curriculum, extracurricular activities, transportation, accommodation, and faculty to be available online. In addition, there are a few colleges which are allowing people to fill the application to join the colleges online. The queries of the parents are also answered online. The parents are gauging the pros and cons of every institution after gathering the data of each institution from the website and deciding on the college that they want their children to join. It is crucial for every school & college to stay online.

It is crucial to implement digital marketing in the educational sector to meet the requirements of the students and parents. This helps you to gain new opportunities and pull more students to join your college. Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions is important for college website ranking.

Best Practices of Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

No matter in which industry you want to implement digital marketing strategy, first you need to define the target audience of the industry and pain points in those industries. In addition, you also need to know the online behaviour of that particular industry audience clearly. This data helps you to promote your services choosing right digital channels where you find most of your target audience. Few of the best practices of digital marketing in education sector include.

Build and revamp a website

Website is the mirror image of every business in the online world. This reflects the values and ethics of brand to the audience and is the best means to communicate with the global audience. You can promote about your business through this medium and hit the right chord of the audience. Website is the treasure trove of every business where a target audience can find any piece of information about the company on it. The website of an educational institution should be informative and give every minute detail about their institute to the students and parents. This educational institution should portray the unique selling point and what is unique that it is offering to the audience. Ensure to present the information that is convincing and foolproof for students, parents and faculty.

A website should act as a solution for all the queries that are probed by students, faculty and parents. If your educational institution does not have a website, then create from the scratch and if you have a website, then update the site with all the details, including, campus, environment, facilities, courses, faculty, placements, benefits, etc. You need to organize the content in a proper manner to let students and parents find information with ease and without much hassle. Ensure to optimize the website for mobiles, as the mobile users are increasing day by day.

Maintain Blogs regularly to compel users to read

Blog grabs the attention of audience to land on the website. Blog is the primary source to find information and gain knowledge. The blog posts that are published regularly will let students land on your blog at that particular time to consume the information about current affairs and trends in education. The blog is not just a place to find information about the education institution, but is a place to read and share information. The blog posts can be written by the educational institution, faculty and students of the institution. The blog helps you to stay ahead in the industry besides grabbing the prospects and convincing students. It is crucial for you to encourage your faculty and students to post blogs regularly, since this help you to come up with new content everything that is interesting for the audience to read.

Prior to choosing a blog post, you need to do a little homework on searching for the best blogs of educational institutions to understand what they are presenting in the blogs and what the current trends are in the educational sector. You need to update the blog on a regular basis to engage the readers. As the educational blogs are mostly read by students, hence you need to post content on the trending topics and topics that interest the students to read.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing the content of your blog and website will help you pull a sea of traffic and reach wider students and prospects base. You need to use relevant keywords to the topic you are posting to bring in more traffic to the website. You also need to gain knowledge on the keywords and marketing strategies used by the other educational websites and blogs. To create unique and compelling blog posts, you need to keep your fingers on the pulse to learn about educational trends. In addition, you need to follow the blogs of other educational sites to learn about the trending topics in education. You need to present the content in a unique and interesting way over the other blogs to drive in more traffic and increase the engagement rate. The SEO expert should do both on-page and off-page optimization of blogs and websites to gain new potential audience to the blogs and sites of your university or educational institution.

Interact with students through Social Media platforms

Social media is a buzzword in the recent time and is a popular marketing platform for many businesses to promote their products and services. By posting the quality content about education and latest trends on social media communities that are followed by students and parents would be an added advantage for you to gain new students to your college.

This type of marketing assures two-way communication. Various types of social media platforms that can be used by the educational institutions include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Having online and social media presence will let you save big on what you spend on acquiring a student every year. By making social media as a platform, you can reach wider audience base and showcase your educational institution in a new angle.

The best part of social media channels is that, it allows students to interact with the management and get answers to their queries. This two-way approach enables the educational institutions to motivate the students and parents to join your institute by assuring them quality education and great career. Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions is important because your website to stay on top.

Adopt Paid Channels to promote

Display and search ads can be used by the educational institutions to promote about their brand. In addition, you can also run PPC ads targeting a special group of audience and location. The best part of ad campaign is that, you can run them whenever you want. For instance, if it is the time to start a new academic year, then start posting ads about your institution to motivate students to know about your institute and join it.

The odds of generating leads through ad campaigns are higher, since this redirects the students to land on forms page. This is considered to be a cost-effective way to acquire new students. The relevant keywords used in the ads will increase the impression rate.

Email Marketing is powerful

Email is the best and cheaper marketing technique to promote and reach target prospects. You need to compose the email content that motivates the students to land on your website to learn more about your educational institution. The email content should talk about the requirement that the student is looking for. You need to create different mailing list for students and parents and then develop different content for students, parents as per the course and batch. The message should hit the right chord of the audience. You need to add a compelling subject line that catches the audience attention. Ensure to make the emails that are mobile friendly to reach wider audience.

Do re-targeting for Conversion

Different digital marketing channels can be used by educational institutions to generate leads. To covert prospective customer into potential customer, you need to keep on re-targeting the interested customer until they become your customer. You need to follow-up the student and send regular newsletter to let them recall your brand. As the target audience to the educational institutions are parents and students, it is easy to recall them about you business. You can also send newsletter about your alumni achievements or awards won by the students in competitions to retarget the audience.

Generate leads and maintain customer relationship

As we have already discussed about generating leads through ad campaign. You can also generate leads from third party vendors and educational portals. The best customer relationship management will let businesses to strengthen and keep up long-term relationship with the target audience. By re-targeting the prospective clients, answering their queries and following them up will help you generate qualified leads.

Manage Online Reputability

The business that has huge reputation in the market would get new business and profits quickly. The best way to improve online reputation is to post posts, videos, testimonials, interviews of faculty members, speech given by inspiring personalities, research papers, campus news, feedback on the alumni, etc. This information will help you grab the attention of audience to engage on the site for a long time. Submission of information in blogs about the educational institutions creates interest and leads to boost of brand reputation in online world. By embracing digital marketing tactics by educational institutions helps them to boost business reputation in a shorter time span.

Advantages of Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

The key advantage an educational institution can reap by adopting digital marketing tactics to promote about their institute is reputation. With many educational institutions mushrooming in the educational industry, it is crucial for you to stay ahead of the competitors by promoting your brand strongly. It is merely impossible to improve brand reputation just by embracing traditional marketing strategies. Digital marketing helps you give a fierce competition to the competitors and stay on the top of the game. In addition to this, there are the following advantages you can reap.

Improve profits

Digital marketing platforms are affordable and are helping businesses to reach a huge audience base in a short time. This is very helpful for the educational sector. The educational institutions can invest in different online marketing platforms including, email marketing, social media and RSS feeds to gain huge traffic and profits for their business.

Instant Feedback

Online marketing channels are considered to be the quick way to convey the promotional message to the target audience. In addition, the businesses can get instant feedback on the promotional strategy applied. Undeniably, students love to be on social media like Facebook and Twitter. So, posting the educational information on social media will let you get instant feedback. This feedback can be taken by the institutes to improvise their services and take ideas and use them for the next promotions about the institute.

Easy to measure results

There are marketing campaigns tracking tools available in digital marketing. The most powerful tool used by all the businesses is Google Analytics. By tracking the KPIs in the tool, you can keep on tweaking the marketing strategy to earn more profits and traffic for your institute. Digital marketing is the best marketing platform used by the education sector to prepare different strategies and apply.

Gain High Conversions

Digital marketing allows educational institutions to reach wider audience through social media, emails, ads and other ways; hence this brings in lot of traffic and conversion rates. Out of all the digital marketing channels, email is considered to be more effective; since this lets the institute reach the target audience directly.

Brand Reputation

By having an online presence in the digital world creates a brand reputation and promoting the brand through various digital marketing sources create awareness about the brand and strengthen the reputation. For improve the brand image, you need to update the website, post blogs and promote about your institute in various social media channels. This makes your brand go gaga around. It is crucial for businesses to maintain the digital marketing channel to gain huge profits.

Why to outsource the Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

Undeniably, it is an intricate process to implement a digital marketing strategy for educational instruction. To gain brand reputation without spending a lot of time on marketing is to outsource this job to the best SEO and digital marketing firms. Educational institutions have to focus more on shaping the career of the students rather on promoting themselves. So, educational institutions will be busy in imparting knowledge, hence the mantle of creating awareness about the institute is handed over to the expert and best digital marketing agency. This implements the right marketing strategies that work wonders.

Rather than hiring two to three hard core digital marketers, it is better to have an ensemble team of digital marketers to promote about the institute in various online marketing channels effectively.

When you outsource the digital marketing job to good digital marketing companies, these people provide quality services at low price throughout the day with the help of their innovative and enthusiastic professionals. We save time, efforts and manpower of every educational institution. Basically, it is a cumbersome task for an educational institution to keep posting fresh content on every digital marketing channel.

The great advantage of outsourcing the job of digital marketing in education sector to the firms is that you can get huge ROI. Digital marketing experts will stay on par with the latest digital marketing trends and leave no stone unturned to promote your institution in various digital channels. We stay abreast with latest technology and take privilege in working on it.

Digital marketing experts will discuss about your website and business goals and then come up with the right strategy that is achievable and measurable. We have sufficient team to handle digital marketing tasks. We are here to reduce the stress of marketing and improve your business growth. We let you stay completed focus on key areas of the institution rather than on marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Colleges

First section as part of digital marketing strategy for colleges is to build strong online presence. The colleges have to make their websites, education portals more attractive. The websites should be having enough information about their courses, possibilities of their courses, syllabus, faculty details, facilities available in their departments, fee structure etc. All of those website pages should be mobile friendly. College website should be 100% device compatible & browser compatible. All colleges must have following things to upgrade their online visibility;

1) Social Media Presence

Eg: Linkedin Page, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter account

The social media pages and accounts should be regularly updated. Posting and publishing regarding important events, sharing latest blog posts and relevant news article etc.

2) Wikipedia Page

It will be highly appreciated if the college have a well written Wikipedia page. Importance of the college, courses offered, history etc must be clearly mentioned in the Wikipedia page concerned.

3) Links from Concerned Websites

It will be very helpful for college website to get links from authorized websites like University websites, Government website connected to Education Department etc. Getting links & mentions from Alumni websites of previous students & organization will be highly useful for college websites.

Digital Marketing

Summary – Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

Doing digital marketing for educational institutions is very important because everybody use digital media in different ways. Search engines are widely used to grab information. Social media websites are strongly used for communication purpose. So every educational institution has to adopt digital marketing to reach their goal. In addition to traditional marketing techniques, you also need to embrace digital marketing channels to boost and strengthen the brand reputation. Undeniably, traditional marketing is the foundation for every educational institution to gain reputation, but digital marketing in this sector will help you reach target audience and engage them on your site and blogs for a long time.


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How to use  Facebook as the Best Social Media Marketing Platform

With roughly over 2.07 billion monthly active Facebook users as in Q3 2017, Facebook is the most popularly used social media and without any hesitation we can call it as the best social media marketing platform. What is important to note, is that, Facebook is not restricted to creating a platform for merely social connections.

facebook - best social media marketing platform

Long gone is the time when you would use Facebook to look up long lost friends and connect with friends and family strewn across the world. Today, Facebook can be your stepping stone to success as a thought leader, a businessman, or a marketer. As a social platform that enhances marketing efforts, Facebook enabled you to widen your audience base, zero in on your target audience, and target your product and/or service to multiple audiences. While you are it, though, you need to be sure that you are leveraging the best of Facebook if you are to ensure that your efforts do not go in vain. So if you are up to use Facebook which is the best social media marketing platform for marketing our business, here are some checklists that you can refer.

best social media marketing platform

KISS: Keep it Simple and Social

It is important to remember that Facebook is a space for social media conversations, where the vibes are light and fun. If you end up using a Facebook page as a place to position your product and/or service in the traditional sense of an online shop or e-commerce space, then you might do more harm than good to your marketing efforts. Keep your Facebook presence social and light, have loyal customers speak in your favor, use giveaways and contests to attract people, have conversations with audiences and answer questions – the more you are able to create a dialogue and fun space, the higher the chances of your marketing efforts flying high.


Visual Appeal Goes a Long Way

Make sure to use the visual element that Facebook is so well-known for. Add video ads and testimonials from your clients and users; post happy pictures of satisfied customers; position your product and/or service via a beautiful image that appeals to the people watching it. Heavy content is monotonous and boring, so adding a visual appeal goes a long way in ensuring that marketing efforts hit the right spot.

power of visual content in marketing

Analyze and Internalize

Social media metrics are a great way to know how your marketing efforts are faring, and can show you your hits and misses with clarity. Therefore, it is important to use insights from your Facebook page to know more about your audiences – that way, you can know what they like and customize your posts and marketing efforts towards their specific needs and interests. You could also find out what went wrong with a particular post or series of posts, and can make conscious efforts to not repeat similar blunders.

social media metrics


It is important for marketers to have a clear goal along with a well defined digital and social media strategy in place.  By uniquely positioning themselves on the most popular and best social media marketing platform on the World Wide Web, marketers can surely rake up a great fan base, thereby ensuring a surge in profitable business.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry

Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry

Like every other business, even the hospitals want to acquire new patients and thus they are going digital to attain this business goal. Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry can move your business to a next level.

Switching from traditional way of advertising your business to digital will reap you a lot of benefits. The best thing is that, you can acquire huge traffic to your site and gain many patients by giving ads online in a cost-effective way. Moreover, digital marketing platforms will offer umpteen ways to measure the success of your marketing strategies and also you can target only a particular group of audience, city or state. This helps you to acquire patients in an easy and economical way.

Though, it is a big headache for the hospitals to go digital, but by hiring the right SEO service, you can improve the ranking of your hospital site in a matter of few months and strengthen your brand reputation. With innumerable digital channels, it is always bemusing for the hospitals on which one to choose. Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry is the best way to enhance the business.

You do not need to fear anymore. There are a special digital marketing tactics that are applied on hospitals and are giving satisfactory results to many hospitals.

Out of the tactics, following are the three strong approaches that have proven effective in adding new patients to the database of the hospitals.

SEO and marketing by targeting to location and global services

This is the first step that has to be taken by every hospital owner. Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry can be done focusing on local and global. To get potential patients to your hospital, it starts from search engine showing your site on the top pages of SERP results. As per the research report conducted by Google, it was found that around 77% of patients look for the hospitals in search engine and out of these 77%, 76% of people will land on the site to check the specialists in the clinic. Undeniably, website is the best place to engage the patients to learn about your hospital over the other marketing channels. So, it is crucial for you to optimize the hospital website and invest in pay per click ads to pull huge traffic to the site. The SEO experts should spend ample time in optimizing the website and creating a right ad that hits the chord of the target audience. Your ads shown tell what are your services and at which locations you are providing the services to patients.
You would be wondering of why to focus on services? As per Google’s information around 46% of people are looking for treatment procedure or specialist information (paediatrician, gynaecologist, etc. )
Why location? According to the survey carried out by Healthcare Success, it was observed that patients will look for the hospitals that are closer to their locality for convenience.

Craft relevant content and health conditions

You need to do Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry market by giving informative content. Undeniably, content speaks a lot about your ethics and how you provide services to the patients. You need to provide intriguing content to the audience. You need to come up with great content ideas to promote your hospital and reach the wider customer base. Patients would love reading the content on the website to learn about the diseases, symptoms and how to fight them. The information on the website would be related to the medical conditions and staff.

As per the study conducted by Google, it was found that around 37% of searchers are looking in the hospital website to learn about the diseases and symptoms. This gives a big opportunity for the hospitals to engage the patients on the site for a long time. More importantly, the content format is crucial. The various content formats that can be embraced by the hospital owner include, blog, video, article or infographic. You can also choose other formats that better conveys what you are saying to the audience. Ensure that every piece of content posted on the site is useful.

Engage audience on Social media with a purpose

A study conducted by Nurse Journal in the preceding year found that over 800 hospitals are connecting their patients through social media like Twitter and Facebook. This is giving the best platform for both doctors and patients to connect round the clock through social media. The three hospitals that are promoting and are engaging with the customers on social media are Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Baylor Regional Medical Centre.
You would be puzzled of how these clinics are gaining huge followers on social media and what are they doing to grab their attention? These people only post selected content on social media rather than posting all unwanted stuff.
These three clinics have never crammed the feeds of the followers in their list with unwanted matters like hiring of doctors, new facility or improvements that are going on in their hospital. These people are rather focusing on providing information health content to the patients that is very helpful for them to promote sound health.
Sometimes, the information posted is generic of why to eats proteins in the morning while the other times the information are specific on the researches done by the doctors in their clinic. The only aim of these clinics is to share the posts that are informative to the prospective patients.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Health care and Hospital Industry can be followed for a better business stratergy. These organizations are trying their best to engage the patients on their social media account. This is what is mantra behind the success of these hospitals digital marketing. Be it a social media account or website, it is imperative for the hospitals to focus totally on grabbing the attention of patients to their hospital site and gaining their trust and credibility.