Twitter, the second interactive social media network introduced new interactive feature named Night Mode. Twitter Night Mode is a new feature introduced for twitter users. Internet marketers of all over the world uses twitter to promote business via different social actions such as tweet, retweet, favorites (likes) replies etc. The hash tag method and social mentions in twitter increase the highest out reach and social engagements in the second interactive social media website in the planet.

What is Twitter Night Mode Feature

Twitter night mode is a new feature introduced by twitter by which you can change your twitter account mode. By selecting twitter night mode the total background will be changed into a dark mode. Hope this feature will increase the activity rates of twitter profiles. It is good news that twitter is redesigning their mobile aap and it will boost up better user experience in the future.

twitter night mode

How to enable Twitter Night Mode

Just sign in to twitter. Tap your profile picture show at right side and select the night mode give at the end of drop down menu. Your twitter account will change to night mode successfully. By doing the same feature you can disable the night mode.

New Night Mode Enhances the New Features of Twitter

The heavily crowded social media improves its social acceptance and being more interactive with these new features. The latest interactive features like twitter activity button, twitter analytics, tends, Lists, Moments and now twitter night mode. Try twitter night mode in your account. Check out how they have enabled this new feature. If you like this blog post subscribe for our future posts. Hop our recent posts bout twitter activity button, twitter analytics etc are useful for your marketing and online promotion activities. If you like this blog post feel free to share with your social media friends.




SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting

SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting

seo ranking reportThis post related to SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting. Everyone knows SEO about generating huge traffic and sales for the businesses by improving the ranking of the website. SEO is changing at a jet speed with the release of new algorithms by Google very often. Interestingly, the Google is updating the algorithm over 500 times a year.

There are various blogging and content strategies that the company has to embrace to defeat all your competitors and stay ahead. To improve the website ranking, companies adopt link building technique. It is crucial for the SEO expert to conduct SEO audit to detect the underlying issues. Especially the technical issues on the website that is taking a toll on the website ranking.

The job of SEO Expert

The expert is to present the performance of the website and the SEO audio report to the boss and tell them the areas that you want to improve in the website and how these optimizations will improve the website ranking. You need to tell in the language that is easy for them to understand. The role of SEO is to analyze the website and communicate about the same to the manager or the CEO of the company.

Undoubtedly, after hiring an SEO professional, the first thing that they would ask is the number of qualified leads or inquiries that they can generate by making the website SEO friendly. How much amount they can save on promoting the product and in acquiring new customers is the next question asked by the CEO or your manager.

Basically, it is challenging for the SEO experts to convince the boss who has no knowledge on why it takes time to generate leads by embracing white hat SEO techniques. Few of the bosses who are alien to the world of SEO will ask the below questions to the newly hired SEO expert is :

• How sales have been improved in the present year compared to the last year by optimizing the website using SEO    techniques
• Why the website ranking is slighting pushed down
• When they research with an industry related keyword similar to your business, then why the competitor website is appearing first.

You need to be ready to give explanation to all these queries

When there is a dip in the Google search engine ranking of your website due to release of new Panda and Penguin update and when you try to explain the same to the boss, then would not be in a position to listen to your explanation. All they expect is results.

Undeniably, it is stressful for the SEO consultants to send the SEO reports to the boss who has no knowledge on SEO. Basically, the person who has knowledge can understand the fluctuations in the SEO results every month. Undoubtedly, not every individual can understand about organic traffic, domain, page authority and other SEO terminologies.

funny bossThere are three advice that you can take to get rid of headaches from the bosses who do not know anything about SEO
• You need to be able to think in your boss perspective. The person thinks always in the business and marketing levels
• You need to use marketing terminology to convert the SEO results into business level of thinking
• Create an easy to understand SEO report to showcase the SEO results to your boss
The only thing that a boss expects from a marketing guy, especially SEO expert is business.

People are ready to listen to whatever you say only when it generates business. So, it is not feasible for you to communicate in SEO language that we usually needs to use business terms to explain about the progress of your business. You need to tell them how many inquiries you are receiving every month due to on-page and off-page optimization of the website.

Different phases in SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting

There are different phases in SEO Progress and Strategies Reporting.

Awareness Phase

In the Awareness phase, the prospective client will get to know about your products and services. They are educated about your products through ads and promotions. There are traditional ways embraced by the companies to advertise about their products including giving ads in TV, newspapers and distributing pamphlets. The amount spent on traditional advertising to acquire new customers and retain the reprising ones is called as Customer Acquisition cost (CAC).

The role of SEO is to bring a sea of potential traffic to the website by getting quality back links to your website from industry websites to improve the website ranking on renowned search engines. When the ranking of your site increases for a specific set of industry keywords, then it gives maximum visibility of your website in organic search results. Therefore, customers can know about your brand with ease.

Consideration phase

In the Consideration phase, the customer would dive in-depth to learn about the company and why they should buy your company product over rivals. For that, you need to create an informative and appealing landing page that is embedded with rich content, images, and call to action button that will compel the target audience who land on your website to take a desired action after reading the content on the site.

The best landing page will help you get scores of traffic and qualified leads. The content and images in the web page should inform the website visitors about your products. Moreover, the testimonials and reviews posted on the website will improve trust in your brand and motivate the potential audience to buy your product or avail your service confidently.

Decision phase

In the Decision phase, the customer decides to buy your product or take your service. In this phase, they verify whether or not their decision is correct. The testimonials and videos uploaded on YouTube will let the customers to lock the decision of buying your products. In the blog posts, you can tell how using your product will solve the problems of the customer briskly. Undeniably, this will compel the customers to take the decision of buying your product.

Sales phase

In the Sales phase, the customer will buy the product or avail your service. Basically, sales phase is the final phase of the marketing funnel. In this phase, the efforts put in by the marketing team to push the prospective client into a marketing funnel and convert them into a potential customer will be paid off. The amount spent by the businesses in marketing their products will be gained in this phase. The higher the number of sales, the higher would be the ROI.

This helps you to identify what exactly your boss is expecting. More importantly, this person wants to know how much profit they are reaping in return for the amount investing in digital marketing.

SEO Reporting should be in line with Marketing Goals and terms

After analyzing the website thoroughly, you can tell your boss how much traffic you can improve for the website within the given time span and how many number of clicks you can expect and from the clicks, how many leads you can generate and improve over the past month. You can use business terminology to gauge the success of your SEO tactics such as ROI, profits, customer acquisition cost, etc.

In SEO, you can move the website to the first page of the search engine results page where the customers will find your products with ease. This reduces the amount you spend on acquiring customer besides gaining a huge profit. Furthermore, this helps businesses to earn huge profits and each stakeholder can get a meaty share.

The answer that you can expect from an SEO expert would be Last month, the website was ranked in 8th position and in this month the website ranking has been moved to 3rd rank in the search engine results page. The SEO can also tell the client how much efforts they have put to improve the ranking of the site despite of fierce competition from the rivals. You need to show supporting data of how much time it took for you to increase the traffic.

There is another wonderful way to communicate the SEO Reporting results to your boss

Undeniably, it takes a lot of time for the businesses to gain trust of the audience by promoting their business embracing traditional advertising methods such as TVs, papers, pamphlets, and other promotional ways. Conversely, SEO takes a little less time over traditional advertisements to boost the brand reputation in the online world. No business wants to earn a short term reputation instead they want to gain foothold in their niche and want to get continuous inquiries about their business even down the line.

SEO techniques will help you reach the target audience globally that is otherwise impossible for you to reach with the newspapers and television (traditional ads). This way, you can completely cut down the customer acquisition cost and let you earn huge profits on your investment in the long run. Every business wants to stand out from their rivals and gain good brand reputation in the online world.

Users Advantages

You can track the SEO results and show how the SEO strategy embraced by you is reaping beneficial results for the organization. You can also show improve in sales revenue compared to last year to your boss. If you keep optimizing the website with the target keywords, you can improve the site performance in no time. If you have integrated Google analytics to your website, then you can generate the performance reports every month and show it to your boss. You can show the increase in traffic, leads and the performance of ad campaigns that you have started.

You need to set a Goal tracking on the Google Analytics program to show the progress of your goals to your pesky boss. Ideally, setting up a goal is a part of SEO campaign to count the number of qualified leads you got. Using Goal tracking you can create a personalized template that lets you to measure the quantifiable results. The goal of a website could not the number of people who have come till the shopping cart or number of people who have filled the inquiry form and submitted it.

Create a template to report your statuses

You are publishing interesting blog posts every day with catchy headlines and informative content, thus it is helping you to boost your brand reputation in online for the industry keywords you have chosen.

You need to use the same templates that you started using every month to depict the results. No one likes to see the data in different formats every month. More importantly, if you have changed the data arranging format, you would need to explain your boss about the new format. You need to use bullet points to tell the facts and reasoning. Try to put everything in a concise manner rather than cramming with huge content.

How do you inform about your brand reputation for a set of keywords to your boss

The comprehensive report will let you inform your boss about the website performance clearly and give up-to-date about what are the steps you are taking to improve the site performance. A boss may be your manager or the CEO of the company. Basically, boss needs a piece of information to show how their team is putting efforts in boosting the site reputation and improving the sales revenue.

The SEO Strategies Reporting that is prepared properly will explain about the progress of the website and SEO campaigns to the boss in an understandable manner without you explaining line by line of what is in the report. You need to send this report on a regular basis to let your boss know about the site performance from time to time and avoid headache from them.

Your report should contain the traffic of your site, Key Performance Indices (KPI) collected from Google analytics and keyword performance.

The boss looks for the following things in a SEO Reporting.

1. Health of the SEO campaigns
2. Progress of SEO campaigns in terms of marketing funnel

  • Interesting blog posts created by you and submitted in government blogs to get quality backlinks for your website.
  • Optimization is done on the content and image among the total number of web pages.
  • Number of sales that you have generated from organic traffic and the sales you got through social media

3. What you did to reinforce your SEO campaigns like how many posts you have published and setting goals in the Google analytics
4. Days you are ahead from showing the results
5. Further actions you need to take in the project
6. Penalties that you were imposed by the search engines for not updating the site with the latest Google algorithm changes.

If you like to put the data in a visual format, then you need to collect the social media metrics. They are number of tweets, re-tweets, likes and shares you got for your post and depict the percentage in bar graphs.

Sending the reports to your boss regularly will help him/her to assimilate the status of your SEO campaigns easily. You need to explain your efforts you are putting in to take the website ranking to the first page of search results to your boss in a compulsive way.



artificial intelligence in internet markleting

Businesses that are in the nascent stage can neither ignore artificial intelligence nor wait for large businesses to come up with latest developments. There are a few strategies that can be embraced by the start-ups or small organizations to save money and stay a step ahead of the competitors in the world of Internet marketing. Here giving some informations about how to use artificial intelligence in internet marketing to outrank competitors.
When you get to hear the word Artificial Intelligence (AI) means you would think about big companies and universities who are researching on this technology. Undoubtedly, this topic is complicated and very expensive for the small business to deal with. The only thing that these small businesses do is to hear the word and then get back to their regular tasks.
However, no company irrespective of size can afford to ignore AI. This technology is creating waves in the technology world, since it is faster and trans formative over the other technologies that are already emerging. Due to evolving of Internet technology, many jobs got shrunk, since this technology has helped the business to do the business tasks briskly with less manpower. There are many venture capitalists who have invested around USD 3.6 billion in the start-ups who are doing R & D on AI. Moreover, there are technology giants including Apple, Google, Amazon and many top companies are investing a huge amount of money on AI. The small companies can use AI to improvise the product that they are releasing in the market.

What AI really require?

AI has become a buzzword in the technology world. This AI is still in the research phase in many technology laboratories. Few of the AI related technologies include.

Machine Learning: This is what people refer to about AI applications. Basically, machine learning is not about the applications or computers that are coded by the programmers, but it is beyond that. This machine learning is highly flexible and requires less coding over the traditional software. The machine learning totally behaves on the data you feed.

Smart Robots: The robots are added to the technologies to make the tasks completely automated while reducing the manpower. For instance, there is a robot called Flippy, which will make food Hamburgers faster than the chefs. This robot is integrated with various applications and is carefully crafted by the experts in robotics. There are over 45,000 robots working at the Amazon centers.

Virtual Assistants:

virtual assistants

 These are helping the customers to complete the transactions and soon the menus available for the customers on the website will disappear. Moreover, there are a few virtual assistants who will schedule the meetings on your behalf. IBM’s Watson virtual assistant can set up a bank and brokerage account for you without your presence. Capital one is using the virtual assistant which has the ability to transfer money or to pay bills for the customer with ease.

Speech recognition:

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Internet Marketing to outrank

This software will listen to the commands given by humans and do the activities accordingly. You might have heard the IVRs of the call centers which will irritate you by not listening to what you would like to get from them. Advancement of Speech recognition software by using machine learning, it is helping the customers get accurate information from the call centers based on the commands given by them.

Natural Language Generation:

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Internet Marketing to outrank

This technology will carefully analyze the data and then put it in the human understandable language. This will take the business intelligence to the next level. Narrative Wave consumes raw data from the industrial applications to generate insights. Environment Canada will automatically generate weather reports in both English and French language. Forbes using this NLG to give the profit report of the companies.

Decision Management:

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Internet Marketing to outrank

There are two terms that are often used by the businesses to explain about automated decision making. Those terms include Enterprise Decision Management and the other is Business Decision Management. This is blend with other technologies to analyze data either completely or partially to make automated decisions.

What a business can do to make more out of AI?

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Internet Marketing to outrank

You need to educate yourself on the latest technologies and learn about AI. There are many websites where you can find treasure trove of information on AI which helps you to get acquainted with this technology right from the comfort of your home. You can go through Amazon Echo and Google Home to know about AI and to learn about the technology that converts voice data into text.

You need to make changes in your business to stay on par with the latest technology trends. Need to jot down the areas where you can develop new solutions that can automate the tasks and give solutions for the existing problems. Put the latest developments you would like to make in your business in business terminology and take the help of experts on how to implement them.

Start investing a small amount and after you see profits; you can expand in developing the transformation applications. If you are into a business where you receive many inquiries from the customers and phone calls, then you need to add a chat bot and find the product that can recognize voice and answer to the customer queries immediately. This helps you to save big on customer support.

Ideally, many of your competitors might be using AI to automate the tasks and serve the customers quickly. In addition, a few companies are using machine learning and decision management to improve processes. Stay on par with help you to give a fierce competition to your competitors without losing your customers. Take an example of Amazon, an eCommerce company which is giving a tough competition to the top technology giants Google and Microsoft. Now, it is venturing into meal delivery and grocery business.

You need to keep tracking the key performance indicators of your business to make necessary improvements in the product or service time and again. You need to use chunks of data and keep averages at bay. Ideally, averages will take away your business opportunities. You need to invest time in cohort analysis and to analyze the data which helps you to gain more out of it. Always think of how to automate your business tasks and improve products to take your business to newer heights. Need to be proactive and make technology as your key strategy.

Many businesses will access the AI through vendor products. You need to find the people who are investing in AI which is also helpful for your business. You need to invest in the companies who are developing solutions on automation and data. These people will develop AI products investing in will help you give a strong competition to your competitors.

Take risks in the business to be the king of technology. Try to revolutionize your business. Constantly think of how to outrank from your competitors at least in one of the crucial business processes. Develop an AI that will help you to give the best quality product or service to the customers while reducing the cost. You do not need to stay ahead of you competitors, but you need to strive to be on par with them.



Content Marketing Trends 
content marketing trends 2017

Content marketing trends are changing rapidly over time with the change in the way user is interacting on the web and the way search engines are changing the algorithms. This is helping the brands to get maximum exposure in the search engine results.

By staying on par with the latest content marketing trends will help you to tweak the content marketing strategy regularly and let you keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing to get huge traffic and sales to the business.

Five best content marketing trends of 2017 that you need to think about include:

Bots will soon replace the writers

bot replacing the writer

With the evolving of digital world, we are finding various means that let us to do all the works for us quickly. This is wonderful news for the brands, but a little sad news for the writers.

The Robot algorithms are giving informative information to the audience about the simple topics. For instance, audience are able to get quick information about the climatic conditions and temperature of a specific place or city briskly. Probably, the content writers who write basic articles will have less work in the near future. This is helping the brands to save a huge amount of money on promoting their products and services through content marketing.

The industry experts believe that the algorithms get more advanced and would be able to deliver even the complex content down the line. However, we are not sure that the content generated by the robots will be of same quality as developed by the expert and accomplished bloggers in that particular niche. The brands are more excited about the outcome of using the algorithms and generating the content rather than its uniqueness.

Content is portrayed in a visual format

Picture will be incorporated in the content. The infographics are used to portray the content in a visual format. Undoubtedly, the multimedia tweets would get more re-tweets over the tweets that are filled with text. Moreover, every blog post that is published in the recent times will certainly have pictures to engage the audience.
The demand for pictures would grow at a rapid pace. You can find more content in a visual format including infographics, gif, videos, and pictures. This content is easy for the readers to go through and understand over reading the content. Undeniably, this content is pretty straightforward and engaging for the readers.

Rise in interactive content

interactive content

A content marketing strategy is said to be successful only when the content is engaging and when the business get qualified leads through the blog posts. The best way to engage the audience on your blog post is to craft interactive content.

Many brands are coming with new ways to interact with the customers. Few of the ways that are embraced by the advertisers to interact include conducting polls, surveys, maps and through social media.


Consider the Buzz feed quizzes that you find on Facebook

No one will care to share the quiz which tells whether their friends are snow white or about their eyeliner style. You can take the quizzes to share about your personality with your friends on Facebook. Few of your friends may share the result of the quiz you have attempted. Basically, buzz feed quizzes have become a buzzword of Facebook in the recent times. The online visits, shares and ad revenue it generates will raise your eyebrows.

Undoubtedly, the success rate of interactive content is very high. People will participate in the quizzes to express their opinion about the topics on social media. It is the sheer responsibility of the advertisers to come up with the ways to interact with the audience to improve shares and re-shares of the content. This gives maximum brand exposure, traffic and sales for your business.

User will aggregate informative content

sharing posts

Basically, the user on social media gets more information through shares from their friends rather from the brands.
In the recent times, Facebook has released a new algorithm news feed which will showcase the content shared by the friends and acquaintances on the timeline. When it is shared by any of your friends, maximum exposure can be acquired.

There are many content aggregation tools, especially the most famous one that is developed by Twitter, i.e., Project Lightning will let you to aggregate videos, images, hash tags and other information and create a trending story.
The publishers have to create a unique piece of multimedia content to make their content appear in the aggregate content to let their voice heard by millions of audience globally.

Social media offers innumerable options

social media

Social media is offering umpteen ways for the businesses to circulate their content to the target audience in every nook and cranny of the world. To get noticed by the potential audience briskly, the instant articles that are published by the businesses on Facebook are posted on Newsfeed.

Soon, the Search engine Giant, Google will release an instant article format for the mobile users to let the brands gain maximum visibility even from the users using mobiles.


You need to incorporate these techniques in your content marketing strategy to boost the brand image in the virtual world. Unarguably, you cannot expect a sea of traffic to visit your website after publishing an instant article. You need to wait until your content goes viral and the audience interact with your content.

Day by day the content marketing trends are getting complicated with the increase in the positive results it is reaping for the businesses. It is crucial for the business to come up with latest content marketing trends to reach the target audience globally. However, it is important for you to make changes to the content marketing strategies as per the trend to strengthen your brand in the internet world.