I don’t know how I should begin, but let me tell you, Pokemon has been one of my favorite and most watched cartoons in my childhood. I still recall not studying for my examinations and watching Pokemon even the day before the exams. It was essentially a story of two children Ash and Misty. Ash is set upon a journey to become the world’s largest Pokemon trainer and he has to face lots of challenges in the form of contests between other Pokemon trainers. Each Pokemon trainer has a monster (called the Pokemon) you can command for the match. These monsters were contained in balls, which its trainer could catch and throw out for a match. I could go all day talking about Pokemon cartoon episodes, but right now I have to stop my nostalgia trips to my 90s childhood.

Because today we are looking at what lessons have the launch of Pokemon Go has given us all. Pokemon Go has become so viral in the digital media. People have become so addicted to this game now. By now, it has been downloaded billions of times in the US alone making Pokemon Go the most mobile game in the US history! And by the time, I am writing this, the world has already witnessed the rash of problems happening all due to Pokemon Go, including death! The craze for Pokemon Go has indeed raised so much safety concerns already. That’s the height of people’s madness for the game.

What is the Pokemon Go?

If you don’t know already, the game of Pokemon Go requires people (the Pokemon trainer) catching imaginary monsters into their virtual balls, using the GPS on their phones. The camera turns the place where you are standing into a virtual ground where you can hunt for these iconic monsters. The best part is, you are rewarded for walking so long until your phone vibrates, indicating that a Pokemon is somewhere around. As soon as you find and catch the Pokemon, you are rewarded with game points. As you score a certain amount of game points, you pass various levels in the game. When you have collected so many monsters in your virtual ball, you can play tournaments with people having the same levels of yours. The game changes the local places and buildings into virtual Pokemon gyms to train their monsters and PokeStops, which people must physically visit to stock up accessories for their Pokemon monsters. These locations have been determined by location data gathered by Nintendo in the research period.

Even though Pokemon Go has not been released in India officially, people have been downloading APK versions available online to play it. So what’s this big deal of Pokemon Go? Why has the fame for just a niche mobile app skyrocketed so hugely? We haven’t even see TV ads of the Pokemon Go launch yet. As we all know, Pokemon Go became so viral through the Internet.

What are the marketing lessons to learn from Pokemon Go Strategy?

The launch of Pokemon Go, a game that seemed to be made for children has already made huge impacts on business. It’s also going to dramatically change the way businesses do marketing in future. Here’s a catch of we can learn from Pokemon Go’s astounding marketing strategy.

1. Social media can turbocharge a brand’s popularity to amazing proportions.

Pokemon Go is the perfect example of viral marketing. For the last few weeks, when scrolling through our Facebook or Twitter feeds, if you looked on both sides, Pokemon Go has been the most talked about stuff. Even on the days leading up to the launch, no one had seen ads showing up anywhere other than on social media. Pokemon Go was a fire spread by the digital word-of-mouth on social media. Nintendo, the marketers of Pokemon Go had just sent out tweets about the game’s launch in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Over time, they have got mentions in 6.6 million tweets.

2. You don’t need a big fat budget for an ad campaign

As you see, Nintendo just used the social platform to send tweets about their launch. The marketers of Pokemon Go didn’t even turn to invest in visual advertising on TV. What matters here the most is that you connect well with people. That can be done by using social media as part of your marketing strategy. This proves that marketing is not necessarily associated with a weighty ad campaign.

3. Re-purposing content to match the modern trendsmarketing-lessons-to-learn-from-pokemon-go-man

The 90s cartoon content of Pokemon Go was re-purposed according to the latest technology and as per the tastes of the modern market. They have cleverly used the concept of augmented reality that’s becoming a trend of modern gaming apps. Nintendo, the marketers of Pokemon Go, could have used totally different assets but it chose to use the old assets, that people love so much and built a game based on it. After all, what’s better than the much loved Pokemon monsters coming into real life, right? Nintendo sought to use the brand it had established among the 90s generation and sought to use the passion they had to ignite its sales.

4. Targeting the audience at the perfect timing

Nintendo sought to launch the Pokemon Go game before the summer holidays, which meant that it was targeting the kids, teenagers and young people who would be leaving home for their vacations. It’s because they realized that these youngsters will be more likely to get caught into the hype.

5. Making use of the mobile platform

Nintendo was a reluctant company when it came to smartphone gaming apps. But right now, they have changed the entire concept of the mobile platform. Before the access of augmented reality required several gaming devices to be physically worn on our body. But Nintendo has made it possible without them. As stated online by people playing Pokemon Go, the app makes uses of the places of interest such as the churches, malls and so. These places of interest are used as PokeStops and Pokemon gyms. This means late night walks or sudden trips here for training your monster in these gyms.

This has opened doors to vast opportunities for marketers. Malls and shopping centers can lure a huge influx of people simply by putting a “Pokemon” sign on their front doors. This would make lots of people visit these places in search of an iconic monster in the building. Perhaps one of these days, coffee shops and restaurants will be serving Pokemon inspired drinks and dishes. And you could get you a discount if you show the game on the phone to them.

6. Branding is everything

Have you heard of Ingress, another game similar to Pokemon Go that’s based on augmented reality? Well, Ingress was introduced in 2013 and it had more in-depth features that Pokemon Go. But it never became a success hit as the Pokemon Go.

Why? Because Pokemon Go was a brand that was engraved into people’s minds 20 years ago. The brand which Pokemon has established in its customers nostalgically as well as on other terms, is the main reason why it sells. This shows that businesses with good branding strategies can have loyal customers anywhere around, even after a long stretch of time.

7. Incentives increase audience engagement

The Pokemon Go is based on a reward system at each stage of the game. A person gets certain game points as a reward for catching a Pokemon monster. A player also gets reward points for the distance he walks in order to find the Pokemon. It is also kind of good because it increases the physical activity of the user! This type of reward system has boosted engagement like never before and as you know, people find it hard to get unhooked from their phones when they start playing this game. Currently, it is claimed that in the US and the countries where the game was launched, people are spending lesser time on Facebook and other social media.

What else could change because of Pokemon Go?Marketing Lessons to learn from Pokemon Go

By brainstorming the latest developments in technology, identifying customer mindsets and branding, Nintendo has made the app that’s going to set even more records in the upcoming future. Even though the game promises to increase outdoor activity and bringing people of different cultures together, Pokemon Go has opened the gate to so many opportunities for businesses. Pokemon Go has already made a huge momentum in the news, social media and in many people’s lives.

Pokemon Go features the use of augmented reality. Before long, marketers will be using the augmented reality spaces to advertise and sell their products. So that could mean a significant advancement in digital marketing and finding out new strategies for this huge untapped platform.

Are you ready to play the game and collect your Pokemon? Off to catch ’em all!


In today’s world of fierce competition among every business, you can survive only if digital marketing is part of your marketing campaigns. The biggest problem most of us faces is not knowing where to start when trying to enter the digital or internet realm of marketing. For helping you out, here are the awesome qualities of a successful digital marketer, that are more like practices, which can help you in formulating the best internet marketing strategy.

qualities of a digital marketer

1.Having Definite and Clear Campaign Goals

You can’t get more business and riches just by crossing your fingers and walking through hoping. You need a well-laid plan to make all that happen. The first task you need to do is to create a well-defined, clear plan when formulating your digital marketing strategy. You can create a plan which specifies the sales, leads, conversions and the number of page views you want to achieve by the end of a quarter, 6 months to a year. It can be anything that makes some sort of impact on the business and that which is measurable.

If there is no prior planning, you won’t have a clear way to measure these impacts, and it will be really difficult for you to create an effective online strategy. Once you have established what your goals clearly are, then you can create a road map of the various digital marketing strategies you want to use, to achieving that goal. For example, if it’s brand awareness and generating new sales, content marketing is the best way to go.

qualities of a successful digital marketer : Goalkeeping

I strongly believe that defining your goals well is the best way to start anything, let alone your digital marketing strategies. If you want to change directions later, you can always change and redefine your goals too later. But always start with real goals rather than a digital marketing strategy itself.

2. The Hunger to Learn More and be updated

A successful digital marketer is always curious to know more. You a digital marter is curiousneed to have the thirst to get more knowledge about the new concepts in digital marketing as well as have a creative desire to experiment them. This is required to find out what works best for your site.

Besides that, certain SEO tactics which work today can be declared spam tomorrow. If you want to know all these, it’s important to stay up-to-date with evolving SEO trends in the industry. Besides the challenger, innovative spirit and innate curiosity helps to enhance the skill set of you, as a digital marketer.

qualities of a successful digital marketer: he is curious and flexible to change

3. Having a customer-centric approach

The best digital marketer is one that puts himself into the shoes of a customer. Only then is it possible to identify what it is your customer wants. While creating a piece of content or building an ad, ask yourself what you would like to read or see on it. Instead of thinking qualities of a successful digital marketer - he is customer centrichow to get an increase in sales, ask yourself what would “wow” or delight you as a customer. Yes, having a customer-centric mindset is as easy as asking various questions. Identifying the WOW factor can help your approach and your strategies to be more customer-centric.

There are other ways to be customer-centric and that’s involving your customers itself. They are the greatest resources you can have for planning a successful digital marketing strategy. Analyze what moved them to make a purchase. Regularly ask feedback for their experiences on your site or with the products and services they have availed from your business. Pick on your customer’s brains as to what they are really looking for in the industry and incorporate their ideas into your strategies.

4. Being active on social networking platforms

Social media has now changed the SEO game. Social media is the new turbocharger that soars your content’s ranking on search engines. Google+ was created by Google to track the social signals emitted out of sharing and to weave the effects of these signals into search.qualities of a digital marketer: he is social media oriented

An efficient digital marketing professional uses social media to not only share great content but also to engage the audience. Tweets, retweets, facebook likes and interaction like these on social media accelerates the discovery of great content. It’s also a great practice integrating your website with Twitter cards and Facebook’s Open Graphs that uses Twitter’s and Facebook’s own meta tags for social promotions.

5. Marketing for the mobile screen

Mobile phones are where most of your audience will be. A successful digital marketer has certain policies for mobile marketing. Conveying your messages to where people are, is a basic part of an online marketing strategy. Mobile friendly and responsive web pages which are viewable without panning and zooming is a must for your website. Apps for shopping that have a “wallet” function and exclusive offers on apps can ensure a constant relationship with your customer.

qualities pf a digital marketer - mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing through apps

To promote your brand and for generating new leads, you can advertise your business on various apps. Ultimately, not building your online marketing strategy revolving around mobile phones will make them a big flop.

6. Selecting and targeting the right audience

Of course, there is no use of constructing a digital marketing strategy if your content is not shown in front of the right audience. One of the best qualities of a successful digital marketer is selecting the audience he needs and targeting them. A customer-centric mindset helps you to find out the type of customers you are looking for.qualities of a successful digital marketer - choosing the target audience

After you have identified who your customers are, find the channels which they use and hangout often. These channels can be YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. And then direct your resources to all these target channels. The more you know your customers, the more trouble-free and easy it gets to do these.

7. Keeping track of everything

This brings us back to the first point. Now that you have clear campaign goals, it’s easy to measure your progress. Analyze where you have reached in terms of sales. Many people commit the grave mistake of just measuring the increase in sales.

But don’t just focus on the increase in sales and page views, get in sync with your customer’s mindsets. Find out what really led them to revisit or make the purchase. Find out those points on the landing page that led you to achieve that goal. Hence, one of the awesome qualities of a successful digital marketer is keeping track of everything.

What are your ideal qualities of a successful digital marketer?

Passion and the zest for learning more contribute to building a successful digital marketing career. Are there any more qualities that made you or someone a successful digital marketer? Share it in the comments section below!